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Many of our richest households are in mortgage stress

More than 860,000 Australian households are estimated to be now in mortgage stress with more than 20,000 of these in severe stress. Digital Finance Analytics says this equates to 26.4% of households, up from 25.8% last month. DFA suggest more than...
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Here’s what will underpin Sydney and Melbourne property markets

Australia’s population is now almost 24.7 million following its fastest rise in nine years according to recently released ABS figures. Victoria experienced its fastest annual population growth since 1960 – up 2.43 per cent. NSW population rose 1.6 per cent last...
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Aussie’s are apathetic about their home loans

Everyone’s talking about it, but most aren’t doing anything about it. By the way…I’m talking about their homes loans, A recent survey by non-bank lender State Custodians Home Loans found that homeowners admit they’d like a cheaper home loan but aren’t putting enough...
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How to make your children rich

It’s important to have rich children. There I said it. Now, before you tell me there are more important things in life, let me clarify what I mean. Rich children grow into adults who are wealthy, yes, but they’re also...
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What type of entrepreneur are you?

Successful property investors, business people and entrepreneurs share common traits. They also come from varied backgrounds and have achieved their success in different ways. But according to The Founder Institute, who tested more than 30,000 entrepreneurs to discover what qualities and...
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12 Brisbane suburbs the banks don’t like

Another bank has black listed a range of Brisbane suburbs where they have tightened their lending criteria for apartment buyers.  Recently Citi advised brokers of 12 suburbs in Queensland where borrowers would face tougher hurdles to get a mortgage, and have...
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What is happiness? These countries seem to have the answer

What makes a happy country? Is it their economy? Health system? Employment rates? Recently a group of experts including economists, neuroscientists, and statisticians released their fourth world happiness report aiming to answer these questions and distinguish which country tops the...
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4 big lies about property investing: Are you being fooled?

The lion’s share of your property’s value is in the land, therefore you should always buy houses rather than apartments. Have you heard that one before? It’s an oldie but a goodie, and harks back to those days when everyone...
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What is loyalty to your bank costing you?

With half of Aussies devoted to just one bank, their loyalty is costing them dearly. Concerning new figures from show 47% of Australians are staying with one bank for their financial needs, potentially paying the price for their loyalty....
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Sorry, newbies, but it takes money to get into property investing

I’ve said it before: it’s always been difficult to buy your first property. No matter whether it was the 1960s, 1990s or now, scrimping and saving for that deposit takes discipline and dedication. Now I admit that with property prices...
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