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About the Mentor Program

In his mentor program Andrew Mirams provides a no-nonsense program, which delivers personal and professional development, through the use of monthly videos and the accompanying workbook. During this innovative two-year program, you will be guided through understanding the client, working with key stakeholders to build your business. Andrew will keep you accountable, ensure you achieve your goals and potential, and give you a chuckle along the way. What more could you ask for?

Program Contents

In the program, a video will be released for your viewing each month, which will cover an array of topics. In each video, Andrew will give you a topic to think about, which you will then further discuss during the end of month online catch up. Each topic will enable you to further grow personally and professionally as a broker.

Videos include topics such as:

  • Time, Money, Freedom : What does time, money and freedom mean to you and how to get the mix right to best benefit your personal and professional lives.
  • Time Management: Working to your strengths to make the best use out of your time and avoiding time wasting!
  • Your Brand: What do you want to be known for personally and professionally? What does your success look like and how to be sustainable in your success.
  • What is Great Customer Service?: Under promise, and over deliver.  Don’t just do your job, do a great job. Great customer service will end up servicing you and your business.
  • Partner Networks: Creating connections that benefit both sides in the short term, and will then continue to benefit your business in the long term.
  • The client Journey: The client journey is ever evolving! Keeping in touch and building a good relationship with clients will open doors up to future opportunities.

… and much more.

After each video has been released, you will be able to revisit them for future reflection. The videos are also accompanied by the workbook, which you will receive as part of the program, and which will aid your reflections and discussion for each topic.

Andrew Mirams Mentor Program

Benefits of the Program

Mentored by the best

Build relationships

Learn how to run a business

Build your reputation



Andrew Mirams Mentor Program

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