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In a complex lending environment where there is a lot of ambiguity and confusion in the marketplace, it’s important to stay abreast of the latest developments in finance, property and commerce. See below for a range of updates and in-depth examinations of issues affecting your personal and business interests.

Land banking — the property development strategy of the pros

How many times have you driven past a property and said to yourself, “If only I had bought that property when it was for sale five years ago?” Who wouldn’t have bought more properties 10 years ago if they knew...
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Cash Up Time

How to cash in at tax time

Andrew Mirams
Forget Christmas! An investor’s favourite time of year is June 30. The beginning of tax time. A time to squirrel back as much money from the taxman as legally possible. And if you’re a property investor, there is a plethora...
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First Time Investing

First-time investing in New South Wales — is it worth it?

The first time you do anything can be challenging — riding a bike, learning to drive or speaking in front of a crowd. It’s new, unfamiliar and requires a certain element of previous knowledge. Sometimes you can fluke it but...
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Guarantor For Your Kids

Should you go guarantor for your kids?

You’ve loved them, guided them and raised them ever since they were first placed into your arms as a little screaming ball of redness. And you’d do anything to give your kids the best possible start in their adult lives....
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Credit House F

First signs of APRA restrictions are lifted

Andrew Mirams
  So APRA has finally cut its limit on investor lending growth — some three and a half years after it was implemented by finally axing its 10% investor lending speed limit by saying that it had “served its purpose”. As...
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