What people are saying about us

Since our establishment in 2002 we have been completely focussed on providing the best customer service possible. The world of banking and finance can be a pretty daunting one for both novice and sophisticated investors alike and we have always tried to ensure that our clients receive personalised and professional guidance and advice.

This approach was vindicated when we were recently named Victoria’s favourite Mortgage Broker at the 2015 Investors Choice Awards – a great accolade made even greater when you realise that these awards are voted on by the most crucial person in any financial deal – the investors themselves. Scroll down to find out what our valued clients have said about us….

Intuitive Finance is a respected, market leading voice and business in the industry

For Kim, the best thing about working with our talented team is the relationship they built and the fact that she never felt alone throughout her buying journey.

Through the help of Intuitive Finance, the couple gained confidence and reached their goals of purchasing their dream property where they hope to build their home and business in.

Great piece of mind. They bring it down to our level of understating. Just easy, very easy to deal with!

They really understand the Brokerage Industry and how to make it work for you

Buying my first property at 21, I really didn’t know what to expect. They made it simple. We’re back 12 months later to buy another property

It’s really fantastic that finally there is a finance broker that understands the property market and ability to marry that with the investor’s needs…

Very knowledgeable team who are excellent to deal with and go out of their way to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Kane Aurecon – ★★★★★ January 2021

I had loads of questions and sometimes I felt they were silly questions but both Lachlan and Vera did not make me feel like they were silly questions at all. There were times when little curve balls came our way but there was a way through with the support of Lachlan and Vera and I am now a very proud owner of a beautiful home.

Jason Bourne – ★★★★★ January 2021

Carefully considers a client's specific needs, and always respectful never pushing an agenda. Able to negotiate good interest rates and lending amount.

Vincent Mok – ★★★★★ January 2021

Intuitive finance are a high quality service with years of experience in their staff. Don’t go it alone. This team has the experience and relationships will all then lenders to ensure you are represented and not taken advantage of.

Nicole Ryan – ★★★★★ December 2020

Great communication, knowledgeable, friendly & professional. An overall great experience, would highly recommend!

Stephen Henderson – ★★★★★ December 2020

Andrew is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to financial planning, the best deals that are being offered by banks and nothing is a trouble for him. – (the team?)

Tracey Carroll – ★★★★★ December 2020

Moving from a different country and not understanding all the Australian laws, they made the process of attaining a mortgage totally stress-free.

Renay Lotz – ★★★★★ December 2020

Andrew and Team have continued to provide prompt and reliable mortgage advice.

Matthew Rowe – ★★★★★ June 2019

A big Thankyou to Andrew Miriam's, Vera Oats and the team at Intuitive finance for all their support and assistance throughout our whole re-finance. We really appreciate all your assistance throughout our whole process. Marcelo & Antonia

Marcelo Barreto - ★★★★★ June 2019

Loved working with Craig at Intuitive. He was extremely patient, explained the situation clearly and was never not available. I’ll be going back.

Sean Hughes - ★★★★★ June 2019

Very impressed with the team at Intuitive Finance. Great customer service and attention to detail. But more importantly, they know their stuff, which, over time will save me thousands. Well done Intuitive Finance!

Peter Mirams - ★★★★★ June 2019

My wife and I want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of personalised service that Intuitive finance provide. We sincerely appreciate your professionalism and the way you conduct business. We have recommended Andrew and Craig to others because of our satisfaction with your service. We look forward to doing business with you guys for years to come.

Mohammed Eisa - ★★★★★ June 2019

Andrew and his team are great. I would highly recommend them.

Tim Millard – ★★★★★ June 2019

Very efficient and professional service. As a novice investor I have to thank Andrew & team for their patience in dealing with me. They really took the time to provide me with a range of financing strategies tailored to my individual circumstances. Highly recommend!

David Walsh - ★★★★★ June 2019

Andrew & his team encountered obstacles in a period of tightening credit, but the persevered and secured a great deal for me. Well done.

David Bryant - ★★★★★ May 2019

The team at Intuitive Finance have (again) made securing pre-approval an absolute breeze. They spent a lot of time getting to know us and understanding our current financing needs/goals before evaluating the best mortgage for our situation. I was impressed that they even suggested we change mortgages at the very last minute to secure a better interest rate - which involved very little work from my end but a lot of work from theirs pulling together the new application! I have been a customer for over 10 years and have no hesitation recommending them to anyone who is seeking a Finance mentor and wants to streamline the financing process. You'll be in good hands.

Sarah McCormack – ★★★★★ May 2019

The team at Intuitive are highly skilled and experience professionals who take the time and effort to understand each client's individual needs and circumstances. Couldn't be happier with the service. A+++

Edy Gasparini – ★★★★★ May 2019

Return customers. Very happy with the thorough and friendly service.

Emily Granland – ★★★★★ May 2019

Lachlan was extremely helpful and efficient. Would highly recommend him. We had a deadline and he was able to meet it. Thanks

Cheryl Novis – ★★★★★ May 2019

Sensational service, prompt responses and nothing was too much trouble to resolve my queries.

Fiona Bygraves – ★★★★★ March 2019

Andrew and the team have always been professional, responsive, and absolutely trust worthy advisers. My family and I have used their service on multiple occasions and all with excellent outcome. They are the best in the business!

Khanh Quach – ★★★★★ March 2019

Andrew and his team are well versed to help property investors navigate the challenges of getting finance.

David Pike – ★★★★★ March 2019

Professional, friendly and extremely attentive to excellent service. I would and DO recommend to anyone!

Tom Hjorth – ★★★★★ March 2019


James Clarke – ★★★★★ March 2019

Lachlan and Intuitive Finance were great to work with from start to finish! My first round of financing with a different company wasn't approved (there's a surprise) but he managed to turn everything around in about four days once all my forms were with him. He was reassuring, professional and supportive throughout the whole process. I would absolutely recommend anyone work with this company and in particular with Lachlan. I'll certain use this team again for any financing requirements in the future. Very impressed!

Kieran O’Shea –★★★★★ March 2019

Andrew and the team have been instrumental in assisting us to build our dreams. Their financial advice, support and services are personal, respectful and realistic. Part of their aim has been to educate us through exploring options, to get the most out of our finances and set us up for success

Michelle Ludecke – ★★★★★ March 2019

Have recommended Intuitive Finance to a number of my friends. Excellent service.... really like the team.

Bree Gardner-Vaughan –★★★★★ March 2019

Andrew and his entire team made the whole loan application process so easy. They are really listen to your financial needs and put forward solutions to make it happen.

Ben Hon – ★★★★★ March 2019

Andrew and Lachlan Mirams have been able to achieve great results in getting me finance. What others can't do they can.

Nic Tanner – ★★★★★ March 2019

Once again an absolute pleasure working with the team and getting the results we required.

Dan Bessant – ★★★★★ February 2019

First time I have used a finance broker and my first experience with Intuitive Finance; made the whole home loan approval process much easier and was with me every step of the way to answer all my questions and assist with all the paper work. Would definitely use the services of Intuitive Finance again. Thanks very much to the team for all their assistance in ensuring that my property purchase was a success. Andrew

Andrew Howard – ★★★★★ February 2019

First Class service!! All the hard work, paperwork and thinking is done for you! Friendly organisation who take the time to listen to your needs and find a solution. Fantastic communication, keeping you updated at every step of the process.

James Hawkins – ★★★★★ December 2018

Intuitive Finance were great to work with - and made dealing with our Lender's requirements so much easier. I would definitely recommend them.

Jessica Fisher – ★★★★★ November 2018

Had originally arranged finance for purchase of my home through Intuitive Finance about 5 years ago. It was a no brainer to use them again recently to organise finance for a reno and to discuss using the equity in my home for purchase of an investment property. Everything organised promptly and was kept up to date throughout the process. A professional, knowledgeable and friendly crew.

Philip Watts – ★★★★★ November 2018

Worked through a very complex negotiation with the bank that secured us the finance for our first house together.

Barry Rafe – ★★★★★ November 2018

The professional approach and quality service that Andrew and the team have provided over the last several years has been excellent and I would highly recommend their services to others.

Charlie Suggate – ★★★★★ November 2018

What a pleasure it’s been to have Andrew and his team on our side. Not only does Intuitive Finance provide expert advice and knowledge, their communication is prompt, thorough and delivered in plain English.

Greg Hankinson – ★★★★★ November 2018

Andrew are the team are really welcoming and honest. I've highly valued all my interactions with Intuitive Finance.

Anthony Demeca – ★★★★★ November 2018

Intuitive Finance are at the top of their game. Highly experienced client focused team that have the skills & knowledge to get the optimal outcome.

Paul Dobson – ★★★★★ November 2018

Extremely happy with service and friendly and efficient staff

Millie Moo – ★★★★★ November 2018

I have been a customer of Intuitive finance for several years and would not hesitate to recommend Andrew and his team to anyone who is looking for a Mortgage Broker.

Ashley Smith – ★★★★★ November 2018

Fantastic personalised service with great outcomes

Anthony Haberfield – ★★★★★ November 2018

Andrew is responsive and proactive and always responds quickly to emails and phone calls. He's sourced the best deals for our investments. We're happy with the service provided by Andrew and the team at Intuitive Finance.

Karen McEwen – ★★★★★ October 2018

Having used Intuitive Finance previously for investment and the experience was great it was natural to utilize their services once again for the purchase of our primary residence. Our Broker was Nigel who was very professional in every aspect of the transaction advising us of what was required and when. Nigel kept in contact with us throughout the process with prompt responses to our queries. I would recommend if anyone needs financial services then Intuitive Finances would be first call.

Dave Beresford – ★★★★★ September 2018

Great experience, very good at helping to navigate the process and keeping you updated on the process. I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a diligent, knowledgeable broker that can help you find the best rate.

Nicola Paterson – ★★★★★ September 2018

Working with Intuitive Finance was a pleasure. Communication was easy, very prompt and always professional. They took my application which had previously been rejected and made it work. I would happily recommend them.

Peter Bainbridge – ★★★★★ August 2018

When the world of finance and lending are getting too complicated, confusing and at times overwhelming, you can rely on Intuitive Finance to provide all the help and advice needed. I have both worked with Andrew and Nigel previously, and am very satisfied with the results that they bring. They make complex things easy to understand and keep you updated in every step of the process. Our sincere thanks to the team of Intuitive Finance.

Noel Haurissa – ★★★★★ August 2018

Nigel has been very professional in providing us with advice on investment property loans that suit our circumstances.

Terry Hardingham – ★★★★★ August 2018

Congratulations to the team at Intuitive Finance. You helped us make sense on a range of financial management issues and established the levels of investment arrangements required to establish our 5 year financial plan. We have been able to purchase another investment property, manage our cash flow and are on the eve of planning another investment. Your advice is pragmatic, transparent and incredibly valuable to semi informed people like us. Cheers Chris & Andy.

Christine Russo – ★★★★★ July 2018

Thanks to the team at Intuitive Finance for helping me secure a great outcome in these challenging times for investors. It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to the next time.

Neal Davis – ★★★★★ July 2018

Great mortgage broker for property investors.

David Pike – ★★★★★ July 2018

Andrew and his team at Intuitive are the most effective and efficient finance advisers/brokers I have dealt with.

George Sabados – ★★★★★ July 2018

As a first home buyer there were so many things I didn't understand, but Intuitive Finance simplified everything. Thanks Andrew and team.

Jason Scott – ★★★★★ July 2018

Intuitive Finance offer a very thorough and professional service. Andrew and the team can resolve complex refinancing scenarios and obtain best outcomes. Extremely happy with the results.

Damien Trim – ★★★★★ July 2018

Andrew & team have delivered exactly as promised with a minimum of fuss. Highly recommended!

Julie & Greg Zieschang – ★★★★★ July 2018

Outstanding knowledge and support on financial structures and borrowing. Highly recommended as a key partner on your wealth journey.

Antony Wilson – ★★★★★ July 2018

Cannot speak more highly of Craig Caarels. Went above and beyond to get this over the line and communication was first rate. Highly recommended.

John Fitzharris – ★★★★★ July 2018

First time with Intuitive Finance. Great service, great communication every step of the way. Thank you to Andrew and Vera.

James Scurr – ★★★★★ July 2018

Andrew and the team did an amazing job in securing a loan that fit in with our investment strategy. I am forever grateful they go the extra mile to look after their clients and would highly recommend their professional expertise!

Melissa Chong – ★★★★★ July 2018

Intuitive Finance are just fantastic company to work with, they are completely professional and get the details right. Nigel has been outstanding and would recommend to anyone.

Air Con Solutions – ★★★★★ July 2018

Good service, very thorough and conservative in their approach making sure everything is compliant and in line with current industry requirements, etc. I am happy to recommend Intuitive Finance!!

Trent Barker – ★★★★★ July 2018

We've learned a good financing strategy for our investment portfolio and they've also assisted us in securing a loan for our PPOR.

Christine Tenacious – ★★★★★ July 2018

I highly recommend the team at Intuitive Finance who are absolute experts in banking finance. Despite many obstacles they worked tirelessly to provide a great outcome for us and made the process as simple as possible. Thanks guys!

Matt Carpenter – ★★★★★ July 2018

Initially dealt with Andrew for a casual chat who had lots of great information for us. On our second serious visit, spoke with Nigel who assisted us in person, over email & phone. Nigel spent quite a bit of time with us explaining everything and guided us through buying our first home, he made the loan and banking aspect the easiest part which was fantastic. I would highly recommend Intuitive Finance to anyone looking for this type of service.

Allison Tonks – ★★★★★ July 2018

As an expat living outside of Australia I had a hard time dealing and communicating with banks and lenders. Intuitive Finance was a breath of fresh air and arranged a home loan for me with ease. In my view their same day communication whenever I emailed them along with their obvious knowledge of the home loan game made for a quick application and process, which impressed me greatly. I highly recommend them not only to expats but to residents of Australia as well. I am now a happy investment property owner thanks to Intuitive Finance.

Scott Jackson – ★★★★★ July 2018

We have used Andrew and the team for our finance options for a few years now and cannot fault their service. They are readily available to answer questions and suggest suitable finance strategies for complex situations. We would not hesitate in recommending Intuitive Finance for all your finance needs.

Shane Kunst – ★★★★★ July 2018

We have been working closely with Intuitive Finance over the years as they always provide an exceptional service to our clients. Their approach is always holistic and strategic giving our clients complete transparency while optimizing their finance structures. Highly recommend!

Ahmad Imam – ★★★★★ July 2018

The Intuitive team were absolutely the right choice for me in getting the right loan for my requirements. Nigel and Vera specifically were great to work with, always on-hand to field my questions and were always one step ahead, proactively getting things moving along when required.

Chris Groves – ★★★★★ July 2018

I would highly recommend the Intuitive Finance group and in particular Nigel and his team, they were very courteous, professional and continually kept us in the loop with all the movements of our loan application. Great working with this group.

Sharon Brown – ★★★★★ July 2018

Nigel and his team at Intuitive made securing finance for our first investment property a seamless experience. Our anxiousness was certainly eased by the professionalism and personable nature of the Intuitive team, and their ability to keep a fairly complex process easy to understand was much appreciated - we've actually learnt quite a lot along the way. Never too busy to take a call and answer questions (some not so smart in hindsight), we definitely felt like we were in good hands. We've recommended Intuitive to our friends and family.

Ricky Marcy – ★★★★★ July 2018

Andrew and the team at Intuitive Finance have been very professional and thorough when it comes to structuring finance for investments. Their knowledge and depth of experience is impressive. I am happy to recommend their services.

Steven Soros – ★★★★★ July 2018

Nigel and the team at Intuitive Finance helped find me a loan for a self-build project, secured on our property in Australia, while I worked overseas. This is something no other mortgage broker had been able to do for me, and I had approached a large number. The team at Intuitive were helpful, businesslike and efficient, and were right on it when I had questions. Based on my experience with Intuitive I strongly recommend their services to others.

Chris Alderson – ★★★★★ July 2018

Andrew and the team at Intuitive Finance are the best in their field. They are brilliant at understanding complex financial situations and finding and making recommendations about the best loans for any circumstances. We have been customers for years and would highly recommend them.

Rachael Thomson – ★★★★★ July 2018

I have recently gone through the process of restructuring my investment portfolio and I was given Nigel Gohl’s details at Intuitive finance. I engaged Nigel as my finance strategist to aid me in finding not only the best deal available for my situation but also as a guide to help me through the whole process. I found Nigel’s expertise and professionalism invaluable to my position as he guided me through what sometimes can be a highly stressing situation calmly and professionally. I cannot recommend Nigel, Andrew and the Team highly enough and would not hesitate in directing anyone to them who is seeking the services of a financial strategist.

Gavin Shepherd – ★★★★★ July 2018

I engaged Intuitive finance for their mortgage lending services with my first investment property and had a great experience with Nigel. He was very professional and I was kept informed throughout the process. Although there were initially some hiccups with the first bank's valuation of the property not meeting the contract price, however Nigel was quick to provide suitable alternatives and we managed to settle with the second bank with minimal delay. Will definitely be using Nigel's services again for my wealth creation journey through property investment!

Evan Lim – ★★★★★ July 2018

Andrew and the team at Intuitive Finance are knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy.

Stuart McDonald – ★★★★★ July 2018

I'm a financial adviser and choose to refer my clients across to the team at Intuitive Finance for all of their borrowing needs. The team is friendly, supportive and I always get a great response from our clients

Stefan Angelini – ★★★★★ July 2018

I have used Intuitive Finance now for multiple purchases & can't rate Andrew & Nigel highly enough. They were able to help me set up beneficial investment loan structures & always had time to answer my questions. Their customer service is second to none - we received detailed property appraisal updates on our 1 year anniversary (what a nice surprise!). They really go above & beyond to make you feel valued as a customer - birthday messages & a gourmet hamper when we moved into our new home. I will keep going back to them!

Courtney Smith – ★★★★★ July 2018

Andrew and the team at Intuitive Finance were a pleasure to deal with and did a fantastic job for me. Their honesty and results driven attitude is refreshing in an industry that is becoming more challenging by the day. These guys made it look easy when everyone else made it seem so difficult.

Bryce Yardney – ★★★★★ July 2018

Andrew & Craig were great from day 1. They were very proactive in sorting out our borrowing capacity and then arranging the best loan for us and seeing everything through to settlement. Will certainly be using them again for our next investment property loan

Julie & Greg Zieschang – ★★★★★ July 2018

Andrew and the team helped us to secure a loan for our first home. The whole team are very professional and great to work with. Despite having moved away we will continue to use them for future loans as they made the process so straightforward.

Lesley White – ★★★★★ July 2018

Very knowledgeable about property and how structure your finances to achieve the best outcome. Thank you Intuitive Finance!

Kimberley Davies – ★★★★★ July 2018

Andrew Mirams and his team really know their stuff. I have found them to be very helpful and professional at all levels. If you are looking at any kind of lending, give them a call, Intuitive Finance will provide you with the best service around!

Marcus Seeger – ★★★★★ July 2018

I have used Andrew and his team for several years now and they are an excellent team to work with. Great service and great outcomes!

Brendan Muldoon – ★★★★★ July 2018

Very knowledgeable, helpful and great to deal with! Highly recommend!

Liam Ackland – ★★★★★ July 2018

The team at Intuitive always go above and beyond expectations!

Kate Cull – ★★★★★ July 2018

Andrew and his team offer an excellent service, with competitive loans having researched all the available options

Helen McManamny – ★★★★★ July 2018

Intuitive Finance are specialists in their field. I highly recommend Andrew and the team for all of your finance needs.

Hayley Mitchell – ★★★★★ July 2018

Intuitive Finance were very professional and helpful in assisting me with a financial opportunity.

Jennifer Shaw – ★★★★★ July 2018

Highly recommend Andrew and the team from Intuitive Finance. They sourced the perfect loan strategy for me and had excellent communication throughout the whole process. Will definitely use again in the future.

Jay Storey – ★★★★★ July 2018

The team at Intuitive (in particular principal Andrew Mirams & Lachlan) are extremely knowledgeable & due diligent with their advice & practices. Their modus operandi is to really understand the client’s needs, long term plans, strategizing the best loan structures & products that meet those requirements. Our experience at Intuitive is that they continually & proactively follow up & follow through with matching client interests in the ever changing financial landscape. Antonio & Diana Falvo.

Antonio Falvo – ★★★★★ July 2018

Extremely helpful with financial information relevant to our personal situation even though we reside outside of Australia.

John Bellamy – ★★★★★ July 2018

Very professional service, good comprehensive advice

Igor Ternovsky – ★★★★★ July 2018

The team at Intuitive offer the best advice and service when it comes to all things finance. Andrew, appreciate all your help and patience! Would recommend Intuitive without hesitation. Good work!

Fred S – ★★★★★ July 2018

As a very long standing client of Intuitive Finance, I am 100% comfortable that I am getting the very best financial advice and best rates from Andrew. I do not have to deal with the banks because that's what Andrew does so well on my behalf.

Bob Carter – ★★★★★ July 2018

They really know their stuff and are able to find solutions for the trickiest of financial circumstances.

Dona James-Wells – November 2017

Outstanding team really take the pain away from financing my portfolio and educate you along the way

Shannon Davis – ★★★★★ July 2017

I highly recommend Andrew and his team. Their advice, attention and dedicated service throughout my loan application process has been invaluable to me. Thank you to Andrew and the team for looking after me.

Loren Oranga – ★★★★★ July 2017

Hi Andrew and team As an experienced property investor, I have dealt with many banks and brokers over the past 20 years. After constant frustrating dealings with several lenders I was introduced to Andrew by a leading property guru. What a difference, Andrew and his team actually wanted to help. My structures and portfolio are more complicated than the normal bank or broker can understand. Andrew and his team were brilliant they knew exactly what was required and arranged several different loans and facilities for me. We are currently working on some new financing for some developments that are ready to start. I have confidently referred several of my friends to Andrew and of course he has delivered as expected.

Eddie Fuller – July 2016

Andrew and his team are not just finance brokers, they're good honest people with integrity, and a desire to provide a service at a level not often found. Approachable, available and happy to take the time get it right. Thanks guys!

Greg Hankinson – July 2015

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Andrew for many years, handling both my business and personal financial needs. His advice has been first rate, his implementation is timely and professional. At times Andrew has been presented with tough deadlines, and even under considerable pressure he has always come through. Intuitive Finance is a great team, which is totally customer focused.

Bob Carter – February 2015

Hey Andrew and Team - thanks for the continuously good service since we first started out well over a year ago to rearrange our loans and set up for our new purchase. We found it real easy to go through the process and best of all you did all the talking to the banks - something we would rather not do at all!!! We really appreciate the "on to it" approach and follow ups to make sure everything stayed on track - something I always look for as a project manager myself. Awesome job!!! Martin & Lisa

Martin Brinkman – February 2015

Fantastic personalised friendly professionals! Highly recommended

Chris Martin – January 2015

Andrew and the team do a cracking job. They break all of the jargon down and make the whole process easy as pie. Top mob.

Jock Reynolds – ★★★★★ July 2014

Thanks Andrew and staff, everything was handled very professionally and always on time (unlike many others in the banking industry). It is a great pleasure dealing with you and your staff.


I have been most impressed with the friendly and helpful staff at Intuitive Finance. I had no idea what I was doing as it is my first property that I have purchased. I felt very confident having you to guide me through the process. I had all my trust in you and honesty is everything in a situation like this. I would highly recommend you to all my friends and family. Thank you


We would just like to thank you for all of your assistance in gaining us the best loan possible. Everyone we dealt with was friendly and gave us the most help they could. Thanks

Fab & Marianne

Thanks very much Andrew. We love our new apartment and thank you for helping us get it!! Good luck with everything in the future!

Alex & Yasmine

I would highly recommend Andrew Mirams. My experience with him has been very helpful and rewarding, friendly and approachable. He really knows his stuff and his back office team make the whole process seamless and easy. Can’t wait to do it all again.


Andrew Mirams made our home purchase and subsequent loan to extend our home a breeze, it was reassuring to know that Andrew was looking at all the options and choices, whilst enabling me to get on with my own commitments. Thanks Andrew.


I think that I received great service and it was easy to co-ordinate meetings with you coming to me. Andrew was friendly easy to deal with and always happy to offer assistance. Alexandrea

Andrew provides me with a consolidated service, supporting all our financial decisions today, without effort. It would be difficult to find the time to find the time to do the research required as a busy professional. Wouldn't do it any other way.


This is the second time I have used Andrew Mirams and will continue to use, and recommend him again and again. Very Satisfied! He’s great and the girls in the office are just fantastic!


The whole process seemed effortless and hassle free due to the expert advice and assistance we received - from the initial paperwork right through to settlement - we would definitely use Andrew and the team again and regularly refer our friends and family to them as well. We think this is the greatest endorsement we can offer…


Very efficient, friendly service at all times. Great communication with very informative advice. A pleasure to do business with such happy, friendly people. Will definitely recommend.


We found Andrew Mirams to be approachable and he always took the time to explain all details in a manner that we could understand. Buying our house and having our first child is very stressful, so having Andrew and his team to take care of all the running around and being confident they will get the best deal for you is very reassuring. There really is no other way of getting a loan.


Excellent service throughout which helped us to make the right decisions and secure our new house.


We loved the fact that Andrew was able to speak to us in layman's terms. He didn't bombard us with confusing bank terms or scenarios. It was all easily understandable and we were comfortable we had made the right decision based on Andrew's expertise and professionalism. Thank you for making such a big overwhelming decision so easy for us.


I love the surprise house warming gift on settlement. It adds a personal touch.


Very happy with the service and advice. Helped us through the big decision of our first investment and made us feel very comfortable.


Whilst I realise that Andrew has many customers, I often feel that I am the only one. This is because I get immediate service all the time, and I have never felt rushed, their attention is 100%. I am a repeat customer and have referred a number of friends. You are always my peace of mind. Thanks.


Andrew is different from many consultants - he is responsive, ALWAYS gets back to you, stays in contact in an appropriate manner but most importantly has your interests at the centre of discussions. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.


Both Michelle and I are happy with the service Andrew has provided us over the years. We look forward to working with Andrew again.

Simon and Michelle

I walked into Andrew’s office with a confused and out of control finance history and walked out with a clean path. Thank you


I liked the friendly approach that was shown when discussing the options and during the process.


We have obtained several loans through Andrew and each time we have, we've not had to worry about anything except signing the paperwork. Everything is done efficiently and quickly and always suits our needs.

Kelly & Dan

Andrew Mirams tailored an arrangement to fit our needs where the banks wanted to fit us into the standard arrangement with a 'take it or leave it' approach. Andrew provided a personalised, experienced service far superior to the major banks. Most importantly the loan arrangement was much better than what the banks offered. I now recommend Andrew to all my colleagues.


We couldn't have done it without the services that Andrew had to offer. He is always professional and very prompt in attending to our queries and enquiries. We couldn't have asked for a better service. Keep up the good work guys!!!


Again you have been great help with your knowledge and expertise. It is reassuring to know that we are given the right advice and followed up with reliable and efficient service. We are eagerly awaiting the completion of our new home that you have helped to make possible. Thank you.

John and Natalie

Thanks so much for the gift box 🙂 Yum!! Thanks too for your help and expertise over the last few weeks. For a non Aussie (who hasn't had a home loan here), it's been great having you at the end of the phone. Thanks again.


It is with great pleasure that I’m able to offer this testimonial on Andrew’s behalf. We have been strategically working together now for ten plus years and I have great confidence in referring my clients to Andrew because of the professionalism he shows in all his dealings. Andrew always puts himself in the client’s shoes and then works to find them the best possible deal EVERYTIME!! Andrew also makes it his goal to exceed the clients’ expectations at every point and takes all the hassle away from the clients’ to ensure a smooth transaction takes place. It is for this reason that we look forward to working with Andrew now and into the future. And just when you think Andrew is good, his team behind the scenes are brilliant!


Andrew Mirams worked as our broker recently to arrange our new home loan and an investment loan. Andrew was able to provide us with information about the competitive rates and conditions of various banks and mortgage companies. Andrew also followed through with a number of potential lenders on our behalf to secure the deal that was best able to suit our requirements. Andrew came to us at times convenient to us to work through the figures and with contracts for us to sign. Andrew made himself available on numerous occasions at odd times of the day and night to answer queries and resolve matters pertaining to completing both of these agreements in a timely manner for our settlement. Andrew is a highly competent, committed and reliable person to have working for you.

Anne and Michael

We found Andrew extremely helpful and efficient. On calling Andrew, a meeting was organised for the following evening and it was all go from there. Our mortgage was pre approved within the week. Andrew has been available to answer our queries at all times and kept us up to speed with the necessary processes. Thank you for your assistance and it's nice to deal with someone so helpful. Thanks.


My first property purchase, whilst exciting, was also very overwhelming, with so many things to consider. Deciding on the loan was made easy by Andrew. His wealth of knowledge and experience proved extremely valuable. In our first meeting, he helped me define my objectives and requirements. There were no questions he could not answer, his patience and tolerance was outstanding. During the settlement process he kept me informed, calling me on a weekly basis with regular updates. Andrew certainly goes the extra mile. When it came to signing the loan documents, I did so in full confidence, knowing that I had made an informed decision about the loan for me. Thanks Andrew, I could not have done it without you.


I have known Andrew Mirams from the time he initially assisted us with the organization of our financial affairs in November 2000. Since this time, Andrew has had the ability and strength of character to design and implement various finance options which have been invaluable to us. Given his service and value to us, it was inevitable that we would also request that Andrew assist many of our clients with sorting out their finances. The above attributes, when coupled with Andrew’s unquestionable ability to relate well with our clients, employees, and others, makes him a valuable asset to our business. I consider Andrew to be of outstanding quality and integrity, and in the time I have known him, Andrew has become a valued acquaintance. I have no hesitation in offering this testimonial and I take this opportunity to extend Andrew my best wishes in all his endeavors.


I recently have used the services of Andrew Mirams. I cannot recommend him more highly for his expert knowledge and professionalism. I would certainly be only too happy to recommend him to anyone requiring financial services.


"Service was brilliant"

Alistair and Nadine

My first experience with a Mortgage Broker was with Andrew Mirams of Intuitive Finance and I would never go anywhere else because I am so impressed by the level of service Intuitive Finance provides. Integrity, ethical and customer focussed are words I use to describe Andrew and the way he operates and I have recommended his services to people I know and care about. Andrew takes the “ouch” out of refinancing and mortgages in so many ways. I saved many, many hours of time and frustration because I was able to trust Andrew to keep my best interests in mind as he simplified the process for me and got me the best deals in the market. He was able to quickly understand my needs and provide me with viable solutions to choose from. If you need a mortgage broker and you want someone you can trust 100%, you just can go past Andrew Mirams and Intuitive Finance because the benefits are too great to ignore. Shaving a hefty 1.5% off my mortgage repayments was just the beginning. Lucky clients, lucky the banks who are smart enough to work with Andrew Mirams to achieve a win-win solution for people who want a fair deal.


I first met Andrew when he was a Bank Manager at ANZ and set up a home loan for us. At that time he was extremely helpful and we were very impressed with his attention to detail and his professionalism. When Andrew left ANZ to set up his own business, we contacted him to see how we could streamline our home loan to get the best possible returns. Knowing we both work full time and have small children, Andrew immediately made an appointment to visit us at our home after work hours and took time to understand our future financial goals before recommending a solution. True to form, the delivery was swift, professional and required minimal thought from our end. I would highly recommend Andrew and his company to anyone looking for a tailored home loan solution.


I was extremely happy about the extra service provided, especially after the loan had been secured. I would not hesitate to use Andrew and the team at Intuitive Finance again.


Andrew has been a consistent, realistic and totally reliable source of information, services and loans for over 4 years. IT is so refreshing to find someone who rings back when they say they will, has a sound understanding of the options and market, follows through on what he promises to do and all of this over long distance - I live in Sydney and Andrew is Melbourne based. We have had 3 housing/Investment loans through Andrew and another one in the pipeline....his part of our success and ability to do this is significant.


Both my Wife, Olga and I have been fortunate enough to have known Andrew since 1999. Within that period of time, Andrew has done a tremendous job in managing our affairs. He has enabled us to obtain our current residential property, a commercial investment property and several other investment properties. It would fair to say that without his management we would not have the investment portfolio we currently do. He has taken all the stress of dealing with Financial Institutions, Valuers and Legal Reps. He has dealt with any road blocks in a timely and very efficient way. Andrew has shown credibility and has given us the benefit of dealing with one person who understands our financial situation. He has made himself available at all times and has responded to any of our queries in a timely manner, which has enabled us to make quick decisions. I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew Mirams and the team at Intuitive Finance’s services and have done so on numerous occasions.

Sebastian and Olga

Good time frames for following up and reliable when contacted about any problems always Courteous and polite and gave helpful suggestions for alternative solutions and very approachable


I was highly recommended to Andrew Mirams by my accountant. In a very difficult time for myself I found him to be exceptional. He was approachable and always there no matter how silly the questions may have been, phone calls were always returned, I was kept up to date with all dealings as they unfolded, all the headaches and leg work was totally taken care of. I have total trust in Andrew and know that he will do and get the best deal for his clients. Thank you Andrew for everything!


Just a short note to state that I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew Mirams for any mortgage or property related finance. He provided very efficient service and if any issues did arise they were dealt with promptly.


I found that Andrew Mirams was extremely helpful and went out of his way to keep me informed.


Rod and I would like to thank you very much for your help in getting our loan approved. You went about it in a very relaxed manner which made us feel that nothing was a problem. Even when the banks were mucking you around you always kept us informed. Thanks again we will definitely be doing business with you again in the future.

Rod & Leanne

Thank you for all your assistance in helping us with our loan. You made our first experience of buying our home a lot easier, We would be more than pleased to refer you to our friends and family. Thanks again for your support and friendly approach. Kind Regards

Rosemary and John

Andrew Mirams is a pleasure to work with - I have recommended him to several friends.


We recently purchased our first investment property and a critical element of the successful acquisition of the property was the outstanding support and expertise of Intuitive Finance.  They did an excellent job securing competitive financing pre-approvals and formal settlement of the loans.  This involved a restructure of our existing home loan as well as an additional loan to satisfy the requirements for a corporate/trust structure. The whole team have been approachable, readily accessible at short notice, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to deal with.   Commencing from the first fact finding/strategy session with Andrew who went out of his way to meet me near my place of work, through to Nicki who with minimal fuss made herself available to progress our application whilst she was on leave, through to Sandra who proactively and diligently followed everything up, tied up the loose ends, and patiently answered all our questions. 
Thank you guys.  We look forward to continuing our investment journey with you!

Mark and Sheryl

"Andrew and Nicki have assisted us in purchasing two investments properties - one from our superfund - and they made it all so easy! They got us great deals, handled all of the loan applications and approvals documents from the banks, and were always available for advice about anything relating to the entire process. We would highly recommend Intuitive Finance to anyone considering purchasing property ."

Graham & Astrid

“Andrew and the team at Intuitive Finance helped us with our first investment property.  They made the process of obtaining finance as simple as it could possibly be and couldn’t have been more helpful!  We hope to invest in the future and won’t hesitate to call upon Andrew. We would like to make particular note of Nicki who guided us through every step of the process and who made a daunting task seem so simple and easy. Thanks”

Chris & Anne


“The team at Intuitive Finance have successfully provided some creative finance solutions to allow us to refinance the portfolio, access equity and purchase additional properties. The whole process had been handled smoothly and professional. Give them a call. Now.”

Glenn & Nikita

“In my dealings with Intuitive Finance, I have found Andrew and the team to be extremely knowledgeable, particularly in dealing with higher level items as they relate to financial institutions. Timing has been impeccable and I can genuinely say Intuitive Finance has been the best business I have dealt with in this field. I look forward to working with Andrew and the Intuitive Finance team in the future.”



“I am very pleased to be able to supply this testimonial for Andrew Mirams of Intuitive Finance. I was initially referred to Andrew by my accountant and am pleased to say Andrew has not let my Accountant down. We asked Andrew to rearrange the finance for our business which included both residential and commercial property. In getting us the best rate and mix of facilities available, we were able to save thousands of dollars each year over our previous arrangements. At all times throughout the process Andrew kept us informed of the progress of the applications and found his approach and handling of the many queries we had to be totally professional.  I would not hesitate in recommending Andrew to anyone looking to arrange finance whether for home, business or both.”


"I initially had my reservations about using Intuitive Finance as I live and invest in Brisbane, and Intuitive Finance is based in Melbourne. But I needn't have worried - Andrew and Sandra at Intuitive Finance went above and beyond to obtain my finance (in a Company and Trust structure), keeping me informed of the progress at every stage of the application process. They also organised the refinance of my other mortgages, securing a lower interest rate than I was currently on. And the service didn’t end there – Sandra followed up with a phone call a month or so later, enquiring if the mortgages were on track and I was happy with everything. The whole process was painless. The team at Intuitive Finance are friendly, professional, efficient, and have fantastic customer service. I will definitely be calling on Intuitive Finance for any future finance needs."



“We had a positive experience with the team at Intuitive Finance in dealing with the financial aspects of our first investment property.  The staff were professional, friendly, and responded promptly with any of our concerns. We would highly recommend their services.”

Warren and Janine


“I have just secured my first investment property with Andrew Mirams at Intuitive Finance.  Andrew & Sandra made the ride as smooth and seamless as I could have hoped. At every step of the way they looked after me with their lovely manner, prompt efficiency and expertise. I am thrilled with the property I bought and it was thanks to Andrew, Sandra and the team that it could happen. I look forward to doing business again as their service doesn’t stop there, they are already working with me to assist me buy my 2nd property, proactive and professional – just outstanding!”


Andrew and the Intuitive Finance team,


I would like to express my sincere thanks for all your excellent work in assisting me with my finance needs recently over what was a solid 6 months project. You have helped me significantly when others could not. You have rescued me from a complex, tangled and limiting situation due to incorrect structuring, now enabling my portfolio growth plans to get back on track.


You have excelled in the provision of the following services:

  • Refinancing numerous existing property loans which were held with one lender and cross-collateralized
  • Refinanced several loans each with multiple lenders with better valuations and immediate equity release.
  • All refinanced loans were sole securitized and correctly structured for future equity releases.
  • Selected refinanced loans were taken to a higher LVR enabling immediate significant equity release to re-enter the market and grow asset base.
  • All the above without any further cash injection.
  • Financing for new property purchases with concurrent coordination with two different lenders, sales agents, buyer’s advocates, solicitors etc. in two different states, with settlement dates 3 days apart.
  • Personalized follow-up to ensure loans and offsets accounts are setup and functioning correctly
  • Personalized service and attention to detail e.g. delivering business internet banking access forms to avoid daily cap on deposit transfers.
  • Outstanding Communication and always available via email, skype, phone and sms considering international time zones
  • International courier of documents with clear instructions for signing and certified witness by Australian Consulate officer

    I look forward to further dealing with yourselves in future, and will certainly recommend your services to others.