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Who’s paying the bill? Why Dan Andrews is forcing property owners to foot the bill for COVID lockdowns.

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch and it seems there’s no such thing as a free pandemic… especially if you’re unlucky enough to own a property under the Victorian government regime. Melbourne is struggling through its...
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Transport infrastructure

Sydney transport infrastructure driving property price growth

While it’s true that location, location, location are the ‘three’ golden principles of value investment, it’s also true that amenity is key to success. When the commute is faster, the public transport more convenient, and the nearby parks, schools and...
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Townhouses become more popular in Melbourne

Does affordable Sydney property still exist?

The Sydney property market is continuing its price charge, but if you’re hoping to buy within a reasonable distance of the CBD it pays to do your research. There are still some suburbs that offer a relatively affordable price tag,...
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The rising popularity of Sydney townhouses

Apart from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, Sydney’s terraced housing in inner city suburbs such as Surry Hills, Paddington, Redfern and Glebe, is as iconic a representation of the Emerald City as anything could be. In a...
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Success Investor

Investing in Queensland – Urban vs Regional

The property cycle means that demand for properties in each state and territory can rise and fall depending on how the market in those locations are faring. In the post COVID environment, the Herron Todd White property clock for almost...
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Why ScoMo loves FOMO

Despite recent trouble in the human resources department, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is enjoying relatively good fortune on the economic front as Australia continues the sharp V-shaped recovery that is among the best post-COVID recoveries in the world. He’ll be...
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Property Market Rise

How big Brisbane infrastructure helps fuel the property boom

A fundamental equation in the property game is that a rising population can deliver excellent property price growth – and this has certainly been the historical case for Brisbane. One of the best measures of Brisbane’s relative success compared to...
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Property Boom

Has Covid-19 changed what we want from our homes?

OK, so who’s been stuck at home, in what you thought was a spacious property, right up until Covid-19 hit? All of a sudden we’ve got people trying to find space to be able work, study and then relax all...
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hard part

5 reasons why you’ll forever be in debt

The thing about getting into debt is that anyone can do it! The hard part, of course, is getting out of debt. In fact, many people struggle with even admitting they’re in debt in the first place and bounce from...
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Country or City – Where do people want to live after Coronavirus?

Australians have long sought after the “Tree Change” or “Sea Change” phenomenon where they take a lifestyle decision to move to either the country for the cleaner air, or the beach for the water and lifestyle that provides. Well it...
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