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5 lessons we never learn at school

5 lessons I never learned at school… but should have

A top-notch education is a wonderful thing, but you’ll fall short of becoming a well-rounded grown up if you don’t realise lifelong learning lives beyond the classroom walls. I’ve received all the great scholastic opportunities afforded by our country’s first-world...
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What you need to know about rentvesting

The “A-word” is in the headlines a lot lately isn’t it? When we say that, of course, we mean affordability. Would-be homeowners in Sydney and Melbourne are finding it increasingly difficult to get a foothold in the market. The great...
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How to make your children rich

It’s important to have rich children. There I said it. Now, before you tell me there are more important things in life, let me clarify what I mean. Rich children grow into adults who are wealthy, yes, but they’re also...
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How do I maintain my finances while on maternity leave?

There’s nothing quite as exciting as finding out that you’re pregnant, is there? In fact, you revel in the joy of bringing a new life into the world – but not long after realising you’re pregnant, financial reality sets in....
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What type of entrepreneur are you?

Successful property investors, business people and entrepreneurs share common traits. They also come from varied backgrounds and have achieved their success in different ways. But according to The Founder Institute, who tested more than 30,000 entrepreneurs to discover what qualities and...
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What is happiness? These countries seem to have the answer

What makes a happy country? Is it their economy? Health system? Employment rates? Recently a group of experts including economists, neuroscientists, and statisticians released their fourth world happiness report aiming to answer these questions and distinguish which country tops the...
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More women purchasing independently on the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is a fantastic place to invest, live and raise a family. One demographic to recognise this fact and act upon on it are women. The 2016 Census figures showed that there were 147,937 women living on the Sunshine...
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What is loyalty to your bank costing you?

With half of Aussies devoted to just one bank, their loyalty is costing them dearly. Concerning new figures from show 47% of Australians are staying with one bank for their financial needs, potentially paying the price for their loyalty....
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Sole traders tax

5 tax tips for sole traders this financial year

Technological advances over recent decades have changed many elements of the world we live in. From the advent of social media to smart phones, our lives are very different to what they were a relatively short time ago. Technology has...
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4 common money mistakes made by millennials

Every generation seems to think the next generation isn’t doing it right. They offer well-meaning “advice” based on their own experiences, which may no longer have any relevance in our fast-changing world. Over the past three decades, the rate of...
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