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Property Market Rise

How big Brisbane infrastructure helps fuel the property boom

A fundamental equation in the property game is that a rising population can deliver excellent property price growth – and this has certainly been the historical case for Brisbane. One of the best measures of Brisbane’s relative success compared to...
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Property Boom

Has Covid-19 changed what we want from our homes?

OK, so who’s been stuck at home, in what you thought was a spacious property, right up until Covid-19 hit? All of a sudden we’ve got people trying to find space to be able work, study and then relax all...
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hard part

5 reasons why you’ll forever be in debt

The thing about getting into debt is that anyone can do it! The hard part, of course, is getting out of debt. In fact, many people struggle with even admitting they’re in debt in the first place and bounce from...
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Country or City – Where do people want to live after Coronavirus?

Australians have long sought after the “Tree Change” or “Sea Change” phenomenon where they take a lifestyle decision to move to either the country for the cleaner air, or the beach for the water and lifestyle that provides. Well it...
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Emiel Molenaar Jorukpumoeu Unsplash

What the bad news for airline pilots may mean for you

Just look what’s happened to Qantas and Virgin. Like many other businesses, they are being crushed by the COVID-19 economic slowdown. Qantas lost billions of dollars and has shed thousands of employees. Virgin went broke and similarly its employees, including...
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Property Com

JobKeeper is ending… how do I pay my loan?

Of the COVID programs helping Australian households stay financial, JobKeeper would be considered one of the most effective. The federal government brought in JobKeeper as cues of newly unemployed began snaking out the doors of Centrelink. The program pays employers...
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Interest Rates

Why people’s ability to borrow would do more than a proposed interest rate cut

So here we go again, the talk of more interest rate cuts. Well who thinks cutting interest rates from 0.25% to 0.1% or even zero will have an impact on our economy? Exactly, it will have no net benefit to...
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11 handy tips to make the most out of your money

We all earn money, irrespective of how much it is, it’s vitally important to understand the key tips to making the most of it. Here’s my thoughts on the tips to maximise your money’s true value. Have a budget –...
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Virus 4970581 640

COVID-19 & Your Finances

Currently we are all facing a time of uncertainty which seems to be changing daily. Please, as a first priority, do what the government(s) are asking and either stay home or maintain your social distancing – this is a health...
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Success Investor

11 Things Successful Property Investors Don’t Do

Books, blogs and magazines are full of great tips on what to do to become a successful property investor. However today I’d like to look at a number of things successful investors don’t do. 1. They don’t concern themselves that the...
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