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House Bubble

Australian housing market bubble: myth or reality?

It’s 18 months now since property markets, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne, saw the beginning of a softening in median prices. Or, what some pundits will have you believe, was a bursting of Australia’s housing bubble. The popping of a...
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Credit Card

Does a credit card really affect borrowing power?

I recently met a young couple who had come to see me to help them sort out their mortgage. They had been diligently working towards their home ownership dream for several years by saving money for a deposit, keeping their...
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Interest Rate Cut2

Don’t be complacent with interest rate cuts

So July has marked the 2nd round of interest rate cuts and as veteran economist Dr Don Stammer once said “RBA rate cuts are like Mormons – they come around in pairs.” I have struggled to see why we needed...
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Getting A Mortgage

Can you still get investment property finance?

Property investors have faced tough times trying to get finance from banks over the past couple of years. A crack down by regulators coupled with scrutiny on lenders during the banking royal commission meant financiers shut up shop to investors...
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Open Banking3

Open banking is coming – here’s what it means for you

Some big changes are coming to banking laws that could dramatically change the lending landscape for borrowers. It’s called open banking, and if you haven’t heard about it, don’t worry – you’re not alone. The proposition was announced during the...
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Living Expens

Why do banks need to know about my living expenses

Being assessed for a home loan can sometimes feel a bit like a police interrogation – all that the paper-based third degree is missing is a swinging overhead lamp in a small, dingy room! But banks want to know absolutely...
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Interest Rates

Is it time to fix your interest rate now?

There was a lot of buzz in early June when the Reserve Bank finally cut the official cash rate at long last. For years now, the RBA had sat idle and kept rates on hold but was finally forced to...
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Cash Flow

Positive Gearing – How to Create Positive Cash Flows

It’s said that cash flow is king and managing it as part of your wealth-building strategy is essential. In the world of property investment, we hear a lot about negative gearing. On the other side of the ledger, however, is...
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What You Must Know About Line Of Credit, Offset Account And Redraw Facility

What you must know about Line of Credit, Offset Account and Redraw facility

Among the numerous financial products on offer, the three which are arguably the most misunderstood are the Line of Credit, Offset account and Redraw facility. When we talk to clients about what they understand each to be, we get a...
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Surveyor Engineer With Partner Making Measure On The Field

Land Surveying – what is it and why is it important?

There are a range of property professionals at your disposal and, in most cases, you’ll recognise them by name. But while you may have heard of a conveyancer, project manager, buyers’ agent or mortgage broker, you may not fully understand...
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