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Interest Rates Rising

How to protect yourself from rising interest rates

As we head into 2018, there is already plenty of talk about interest rates rising this year. However, chatter about rates rising has been happening for years now. In fact, can you believe that this year marks 10 years since...
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Townhouses become more popular in Melbourne

Are townhouses becoming more popular than houses in Melbourne?

Part of Melbourne’s property landscape – and identity – has always been its iconic terrace houses. Built mainly in the 19th Century, they remain some of the most desirable properties in the inner-city with most ripe for renovation – if...
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Sydney property market

What will the CBD and South East Light Rail do to Sydney property prices?

If you’ve ventured into Sydney’s CBD over the past year or so you would have noticed something quite unusual. The bustle along George Street near Circular Quay, while still there, has been usurped by heavy machinery and plenty of people...
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Why not invest in bitcoin

Why I won’t be investing in bitcoin!

When I wrote about bitcoin just before Christmas, its price was sitting around USD$19,000. Today, about three weeks later, it’s sitting about USD $14,000. That’s a drop of about 26 per cent – in just three weeks!! I don’t know...
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renovating for profit

Renovating your property for profit

If an alien landed in Australia, it might think that we’re a nation of renovators. Not only do we have a plethora of TV shows about renovating for profit, but there is an army of amateurs who spend their weekends becoming...
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What do tulips have to do with bitcoin?

What do tulips have to do with bitcoin?

Did you know that back in the 17th Century tulips were seen as “assets” that could make you rich? In fact, according to various accounts, the demand for tulip bulbs in the Netherlands in particular soared from the early 1600s...
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Is the Regulator's work done yet

Is the regulator’s work done yet?

I’ve written a lot about the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) this year because they’ve been pulling levers for nearly two years now. But as we head into the New Year, the question becomes “Is their work done yet?” Friend...
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Baby Boomers And Millennial Investors.jpg

Baby boomers are enjoying life – but what’s in store for millennial investors?

A cohort of baby boomers are now well into retirement – after a lifetime of work and paying off the mortgages on their homes. Sure, property prices have ballooned over their lifetimes, but baby boomers also weren’t overly good at...
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Interest War Rate 1.jpg

Is an interest rate war about to begin?

We’re now in the midst of the spring selling season, and there are some early signs that lenders are starting to battle for your business once more. That’s because every lender wants a principal and interest (P&I) home loan on...
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Istock 179606016.jpg

How much should you pay for an investment property in Sydney?

The median house price in Sydney may have recently dipped below $1 million, but it’s still about 75 per cent higher than it was five years ago. According to the latest CoreLogic report, Sydney property prices fell marginally over September...
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