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Renovate Home

4 ways to add value to your investment property

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that property buyers fall into two broad categories — home owners or investors. While there are often complex reasons for purchasing real estate, there are cross-over goals between the investor and the homeowner – and...
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Mortage Prisoner

Are you a mortgage prisoner?

If the past few years will be remembered for anything, it may be that many Australians felt like mortgage prisoners. What do I mean by such a seemingly contrary statement? Well, the confluence of changes in the lending landscape has...
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Home Value

How to add value to your home

In quieter market conditions, many homeowners opt to renovate their properties to create equity themselves. Some people call this “sweat equity” because you usually sweat a lot painting the walls and working in the garden – especially in summer! Of...
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Home Value

Understanding house valuations

Understanding the role of the property valuer is crucial to any owner or investor – particularly those beginning their journey and looking to enjoy a lifetime of real estate investment. And, according to recent reports, this cohort is on the...
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What I need to know to get my home loan approved?

Did you know that billions of dollars in dwelling finance commitments were approved in September in Australia? That’s right, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, tens of thousands of dwellings were financed in one single month for either owner...
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Property Manager

When was the last time you reviewed your property manager?

Like everything that has a financial impact on you – your home and/or investment loans, your personal insurances, your phone contract etc. – property management is no different. Rental property markets across the country are constantly changing based on local...
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House Model On Red Block With Question Mark Symbols

Have APRA and the regulators gone too far?

I wish I could start the year with good news, but it seems that the economic clouds are gathering, and the resultant storm may well be on the horizon. Why? Well still to this day APRA (Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority)...
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Bank Servese

Great service creates happy customers

It’s nearly a year since the royal commission in to the banking sector was announced, with the seventh and final round of hearings being held in December, 2018. No doubt we’ll be peppered with some more examples of business practices...
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Buying Off The Plan

Why you should be wary when buying off the plan

The off-the-plan sector has had its share of ups and downs over recent years. For a while there, in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne at least, it could do no wrong because there was huge pent-up demand from buyers....
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Holiday Spendidngs

How your holiday spending can ruin your loan application

You’re kidding right? No, unfortunately not! New lending criteria which looks at potential borrower’s living expenses with a fine-tooth comb means that ad-hoc spending could ruin your chances of securing a home or investment loan. This is especially true over...
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