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Who is Intuitive and why choose us for your next loan

No matter what type of home buyer (1st homeowner or existing owners looking to upgrade) or property investor (from the novice right through to the seasoned property professional with an extensive portfolio) you are, the experienced team at Intuitive Finance are perfectly placed to help you create wealth building strategies that work.

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With over 25 years of commercial and personal banking experience, we have arranged close to a billion dollars in loans and have access to over 500 financial products from more than 30 lenders.
Take advantage of Intuitive Finance’s wealth of experience and contacts to adjust, amend or commence your wealth creation strategy. We can help you consider the key elements of any property investment — from property type, location, expected yields, day to day management and of course the loan framework you build around your portfolio.
No matter at what stage you are in your investment cycle, be it nearing retirement or as a young couple starting a family, it’s never too late to build an investment strategy and create wealth. The sooner you invest the more profound the compounding impact of your portfolio will bear fruit.
Let the team at Intuitive Finance help structure an investment plan and identify the best finance options suited to you.

We take all of our valued clients through a simple 6 step process

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    Initial consultation (via the phone, skype or face to face) where we establish your motivations and requirements

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    Information gathering to confirm your financial status

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    Review & strategise

    Clear and detailed review of your financial position with a suggested investment or buying strategy for you to consider including an assessment of the best and most appropriate deals available

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    Agree & Implement

    Complete the necessary application paperwork including follow-up negotiations with lenders and adjustments if necessary

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    Finalise approval (s), arrange formal paperwork to be signed

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    Coordination of the settlement process

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