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Discover the Intuitive Finance difference

At Intuitive Finance, we have always focused on the quality of business we write, the standards we maintain and the quality of people we work with.

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Experience across a range of customer types

We work with a range of customers, from first home buyers, homeowners looking to upgrade, sophisticated investors with extensive property portfolios, Australian expatriates living and working overseas looking to establish a property portfolio in Australia and we have a particular focus on the self-employed who, despite the significant challenges in clearly establishing their capacity to maintain an investment, are comfortable with complex financial strategies and have an entrepreneurial, “can do” approach to their portfolios.

We put you first

At Intuitive Finance we are very focused on our service standards for both new and existing clients. There are documented targets for all our customers and we are committed and passionate about ensuring you receive the ultimate loan “experience.” We also ensure that you are informed at every stage of the loan process including a post settlement follow up. For existing clients, we also ensure that we contact you annually for a review and an assessment of an RP Data property report for your portfolio.

Flexible approach – one size does not fit all

Once we have identified exactly what you want to achieve – whether it’s buying a first home, an investment property, refinancing or consolidating your existing debts, considering buying a business, setting up a self-managed super fund or establishing an investment portfolio – we create a specific approach, from assessing the suitability and practicality of the strategy to the identification of the best lending partners through to the compilation of the critical information necessary for the preparation of your funding applications.

Thorough and comprehensive

Once we’ve done the analysis and have been able to correctly assess such criteria as capacity and creditworthiness, we run a comprehensive review of the list of qualified lenders, their rates and of course any deals currently available. We gather together the detail required for the loan application and then submit these to the chosen lenders who meet the strategic requirements. As a result of the policy of doing things once, and correctly, our rates of rework are extremely low.

Organised and professional

We make the often stressful and chaotic process around settlement as smooth as possible. We manage the timing of the document lodgement and coordinate with critical third parties such as conveyancers and solicitors.

Ongoing support and updates

Once the loan has been settled, we dont believe that our work is done and we are active in making sure our clients have a point of contact and are able to get information from us as required – we help ensure that issues such as repayment schedules and the provision of other facilities including credit cards are organised.
We are very focussed on the ongoing care and maintenance of your financial structures and want to make sure that clients always feel that they have a point of reference and that we are available to assist in any way we can. When the time comes to review the next phase of your investment strategy we are on hand to help with whatever is required – be it assisting with the identification of suitable assets to buy to assessing the suitability over time of the finance structures in place. We provide annual reviews and always look to provide our clients with updated property reports to identify portfolio value.

What people are saying about us

I have been most impressed with the friendly and helpful staff at Intuitive Finance. I had no idea what I was doing as it is my first property that I have purchased. I felt very confident having you to guide me through the process. I had all my trust in you and honesty is everything in a situation like this. I would highly recommend you to all my friends and family.

We had a positive experience with the team at Intuitive Finance in dealing with the financial aspects of our first investment property. The staff were professional, friendly, and responded promptly with any of our concerns. We would highly recommend their services.

Warren & Janine
Andrew Mirams tailored an arrangement to fit our needs where the banks wanted to fit us into the standard arrangement with a ‘take it or leave it’ approach. Andrew provided a personalised, experienced service far superior to the major banks. Most importantly the loan arrangement was much better than what the banks offered.

The team at Intuitive Finance have successfully provided some creative finance solutions to allow us to refinance the portfolio, access equity and purchase additional properties. The whole process had been handled smoothly and professionally. Give them a call. Now.

Glen & Nikita
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