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Is the Regulator's work done yet

Is the regulator’s work done yet?

I’ve written a lot about the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) this year because they’ve been pulling levers for nearly two years now. But as we head into the New Year, the question becomes “Is their work done yet?” Friend...
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Baby boomers are enjoying life – but what’s in store for millennial investors?

A cohort of baby boomers are now well into retirement – after a lifetime of work and paying off the mortgages on their homes. Sure, property prices have ballooned over their lifetimes, but baby boomers also weren’t overly good at...
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How much should you pay for an investment property in Sydney?

The median house price in Sydney may have recently dipped below $1 million, but it’s still about 75 per cent higher than it was five years ago. According to the latest CoreLogic report, Sydney property prices fell marginally over September...
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The best investment property suburbs in Melbourne

While Sydney stole all the headlines in the past few years, Melbourne quietly chugged along in the background, posting solid results and plenty of investment opportunity. In fact, in October 2017, Melbourne’s results were stronger than Sydney’s because that market...
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The unintended consequences of cutting investors out of the market

Over the past 18 months there has been a massive regulatory push to reduce the volume of investment activity in Sydney and Melbourne particularly. But the APRA limits have impacted other capital cities, whose markets were not flooded with investors...
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Have APRA lending restrictions made it harder to get a home loan?

It’s no big secret that more and more Australians are exploring how real estate finance and investments can improve their financial situation. Developing an investment strategy which involves buying quality investment properties is one way that they can create wealth...
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Our guide to lowering the deposit on your first home

One of the most common questions first home buyers ask is, “Can you buy a house with no deposit?” The thing is the answer to that question is not simple because the answer is “yes” but kind of “no” as...
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property investment loan in Sydney’s changing market

VIDEO: Securing a property investment loan in Sydney’s changing market

Investor lending has changed quite dramatically over the past 18 months.Why has the lending environment changed so much for Sydney investors since then? The reason why that has taken place was that the government regulator, APRA, was worried about the...
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What can investors do to reduce their interest rates?

Have you checked the interest rate on your property loans lately? Many investors are doing just that and finding that their rates are much higher than the last time they bothered to look. You see, today’s lending environment involves vast...
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What Kind of Sydney Property Should You be Looking For?

Sydney – it sure has been in the property headlines plenty. That’s not surprising when you consider its property prices have surged over the past five years. In fact, Sydney house values have increased an eye-watering 75 per cent since 2012,...
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