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Who’s paying the bill? Why Dan Andrews is forcing property owners to foot the bill for COVID lockdowns.

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch and it seems there’s no such thing as a free pandemic… especially if you’re unlucky enough to own a property under the Victorian government regime. Melbourne is struggling through its...
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Why ScoMo loves FOMO

Despite recent trouble in the human resources department, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is enjoying relatively good fortune on the economic front as Australia continues the sharp V-shaped recovery that is among the best post-COVID recoveries in the world. He’ll be...
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Valuations: The key elements that valuers look for when deciding residential valuations…

Whenever you want to borrow money to purchase a property or conduct renovations, your lender will employ a professional, registered valuer to give them an independent assessment of the property’s market valuation. Why? Because the lender needs to confirm the...
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Commercial Property

Commercial properties – how much can you borrow?

There’s no doubt that securing a mortgage for a home is an involved process, with lots of paperwork, assessment and hoop-jumping. But generally speaking, you’ve got a decent deposit on a solid property that’s worth what you’re paying, no credit...
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Argue Debate2

The living expenses debate

OK, who wants to go first in having a “bash” at anyone of our banks? Forget the AFL and NRL football finals, or even the cricket and our quest to retain the Ashes, No people, its bank bashing that really...
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Brisbane unit market turns a corner

The Brisbane new unit market appears to be turning a corner, with a new survey finding renters are soaking up supply. Of course, much has been written about the thousands of new units that hit the inner Brisbane market over...
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Brisbane Development

Are Brisbane unit developments taking a breather?

Brisbane has been in the property news a lot, and not all of it has been complimentary. The Sunshine State capital’s much publicised new unit oversupply has been hogging plenty of headlines, but is such coverage warranted? Cranes, cranes everywhere...
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Brisbane City investment

Is Brisbane about to become the playground for China?

Passenger numbers through Brisbane Airport increased by 447,000 people to more than 22.4 million throughout 2016. Those numbers are set to soar considerably more as we approach the opening of the second parallel runway for Brisbane Airport. It appears the...
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How to get a business loan

Today’s work environment is much different than in years gone by – and it’s mainly due to technology. Not only are there new occupations being created almost daily, our global society means that it’s easier to connect with millions of...
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Commercial loans – what are they and how do they work?

Commercial loans – what are they and how do they work?

Not all home loans are created equally and they’re created for different types of investments as well. And depending on whether you’re a novice or an advanced investor, your loan needs will vary because your strategy will be different, too....
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