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Affordable Housing Market

Maximise your valuation outcome

If you’re already on the property ladder, either by owning your principal place of residence or an investment property, there’ll likely come a time when you need a mortgage security valuation. It could be to refinance so you can borrow...
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Investment Real Estate Business

Uncovering Melbourne’s hidden investment gems

When you’re using property as a wealth-growing vehicle the goal for most is to buy well, hold for as long as possible, and sell down or refinance to take advantage of monumental capital growth. But, finding that perfect property takes...
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Median House Price

Victoria’s Peninsula Price Explosion

Victoria’s property market has experienced a choppy year, largely due to COVID-19 and the knock-on effects of general uncertainty, state and international border closures, and a lack of population fluidity. The lengthy shutdown brought auctions to a screaming halt, particularly...
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Home Loans

What’s next for the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

Back at the start of the pandemic, the federal government introduced the First Home Loan Deposit scheme, which proved wildly successful. The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme allows first time home buyers with as little as five per cent deposit...
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self-managed superannuation fund

Gifting Real Estate: Generosity Can Be Taxing

Most people at some point in their adult lives, will think about transferring real estate to a family member.  There are a range of reasons why a property transfer could be something to consider, aside from the obvious, which is...
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Property easements

Cutting through ‘multi-offer’ confusion

When the market is getting hot, as it is now in Sydney and Melbourne, a sense of frenetic urgency creeps in. House hunting on weekends turns into a blood sport and for many it becomes a desperate time.  When you...
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Mortgage Calculator Screen

‘Best interest duty’ and why it’s good news for consumers?

An important issue for anyone considering using a mortgage broker is that of trust. You want to be confident your broker will act in your best interests and give you advice that will help you navigate one of the trickiest...
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Buy Sell Home

10 budget moves to help sell your house

Getting your home showroom-ready so that it can be put on the market is an excellent strategy for a successful sale. Creating an aspirational place that someone will fall in love with the minute they walk through the door is...
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Home Loan

How to improve your chances of getting a loan

Getting a home loan is a big step and it’s natural to want this process to go smoothly and with as little stress as possible. This is how it should be, but I talk to many young people, especially young...
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Credit Score

How to improve your credit score

Your credit score is an important indicator that lenders use to gauge reliability and risk when assessing a loan application. A good credit score, therefore, is an important tool that will help your chances for success. If you’ve accessed your...
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