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8 Charts explaining why we’re in for a great time in property in 2021

Who would have believed it? 2021 is going to be a great year property, but if I had told you that six months ago or eight months ago you wouldn’t have believed me, would you? Now I know some people...
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Financial Plan

New data shows COVID-19’s impact on Australians’ personal finances, including debt and insurance

As Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe warns that Australia’s recovery from recession will be “uneven” and “bumpy”, new data from Roy Morgan shows the financial impact COVID-19 has had on Australians and also shows how people who have suffered negative...
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5 reasons why you’ll forever be in debt

The thing about getting into debt is that anyone can do it! The hard part, of course, is getting out of debt. In fact, many people struggle with even admitting they’re in debt in the first place and bounce from...
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Success Investor

4 key reasons why the property pessimists are changing their minds

Why were all those property pessimists wrong? In fact, why are they becoming more positive about property? Of course it wasn’t just the usual band of Negative Nellies making dire predictions of significant property price falls earlier this year, it...
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What the bad news for airline pilots may mean for you

Just look what’s happened to Qantas and Virgin. Like many other businesses, they are being crushed by the COVID-19 economic slowdown. Qantas lost billions of dollars and has shed thousands of employees. Virgin went broke and similarly its employees, including...
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Success Investor

11 Things Successful Property Investors Don’t Do

Books, blogs and magazines are full of great tips on what to do to become a successful property investor. However today I’d like to look at a number of things successful investors don’t do. 1. They don’t concern themselves that the...
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What’s the right strategy for this stage of the property cycle?

When it comes to property investment you’ll often hear two conflicting philosophies – invest for capital growth or invest for positive cash flow. We’re in for a long period of low interest rates, low inflation and low wages growth, meaning...
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Property Market

What is the world’s most expensive property market? You need to read this!!

What is the world’s most expensive property market? Some of you may have guessed Sydney. And to be fair you are close. Sydney is the 2nd most expensive housing market in the world. However, the clear leader (by far) and the least...
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The dos and don’ts of successful investors

Real estate investing used to be a rather niche industry, confined to the few Australians who had significant reserves of cash and a genuine interest in the property market. These days, you could be forgiven for thinking that everyone is a real...
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What happens to property values in a recession?

Are we heading for a recession and what would it mean for the property market? That’s a question I was recently asked by Yahoo Finance where I’ve been writing a regular property column for well over a decade. Now that’s...
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