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Townhouses become more popular in Melbourne

Does affordable Sydney property still exist?

The Sydney property market is continuing its price charge, but if you’re hoping to buy within a reasonable distance of the CBD it pays to do your research. There are still some suburbs that offer a relatively affordable price tag,...
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The rising popularity of Sydney townhouses

Apart from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, Sydney’s terraced housing in inner city suburbs such as Surry Hills, Paddington, Redfern and Glebe, is as iconic a representation of the Emerald City as anything could be. In a...
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Buying A New Home

The Federal Budget and housing affordability

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg delivered a budget like no other this year; and even more specifically, it has been a budget like nothing a conservative party government has ever handed down before. It is a big-spending, big-debt budget that more closely...
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First Homebuyers vs. Investors

As the first wave of COVID reality bit the property market and resulted in a hard stall on activity, governments scrambled to get the engine room of the economy purring again via schemes and incentives. Property has long been recognised...
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Success Investor

Investing in Queensland – Urban vs Regional

The property cycle means that demand for properties in each state and territory can rise and fall depending on how the market in those locations are faring. In the post COVID environment, the Herron Todd White property clock for almost...
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Melbourne high-rises: Will they stack up post COVID?

As we close in on a post-COVID world, two things have become clear – people don’t need to be in the office as much (if at all) and international migration is going to be uncertain for some time to come. ...
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First Home

When will the first homebuyer boom end?

During 2020, pandemic stimulus delivered some much-needed help to first-time home buyers with a range measures designed to stimulate the national economy and help aspiring owners secure a property.  Such measures were in addition to existing, long-standing first home-owner grants...
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Property Finance

Beach heat: NSW’s coastal hotspots

The real estate market is booming right now, with strong demand across capital city and regional markets putting upward pressure on prices. Anecdotal evidence suggests there are property market pockets where houses are selling for $100,000 to $150,000 above asking...
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Investment Real Estate Business

Uncovering Melbourne’s hidden investment gems

When you’re using property as a wealth-growing vehicle the goal for most is to buy well, hold for as long as possible, and sell down or refinance to take advantage of monumental capital growth. But, finding that perfect property takes...
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Home Loans

What’s next for the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

Back at the start of the pandemic, the federal government introduced the First Home Loan Deposit scheme, which proved wildly successful. The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme allows first time home buyers with as little as five per cent deposit...
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