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Renovate Home

4 ways to add value to your investment property

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that property buyers fall into two broad categories — home owners or investors. While there are often complex reasons for purchasing real estate, there are cross-over goals between the investor and the homeowner – and...
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Mortage Prisoner

Are you a mortgage prisoner?

If the past few years will be remembered for anything, it may be that many Australians felt like mortgage prisoners. What do I mean by such a seemingly contrary statement? Well, the confluence of changes in the lending landscape has...
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Home Value

How to add value to your home

In quieter market conditions, many homeowners opt to renovate their properties to create equity themselves. Some people call this “sweat equity” because you usually sweat a lot painting the walls and working in the garden – especially in summer! Of...
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Home Value

Understanding house valuations

Understanding the role of the property valuer is crucial to any owner or investor – particularly those beginning their journey and looking to enjoy a lifetime of real estate investment. And, according to recent reports, this cohort is on the...
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The Rise and rise of the millennials as the new home buying forces

As we have recently written about with the re-emergence of the 1st home buyer and it seems that it’s a new breed that’s the driving force behind this. The Millennial population, who are typically born between 1981 and 1996, represent...
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Buying Off The Plan

Why you should be wary when buying off the plan

The off-the-plan sector has had its share of ups and downs over recent years. For a while there, in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne at least, it could do no wrong because there was huge pent-up demand from buyers....
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House Markets

Forecasting for our housing markets

The annual QBE Australian Housing Outlook for 2018-2021 has just been released and have shown some very interesting statistical data that should enable us to look at and invest with confidence in the coming year. It’s always interesting to look...
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Home Credit

How to get finance mate’s rate

Not too long ago, savvy homeowners would’ve included their bank manager on their annual Christmas card lists. The name probably would’ve sat quite near the top. In fact, they might’ve even sent a present. Maintaining a relationship with the person...
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First Home Buyers

Why pre-approvals are imperative for first homebuyers

First home buyers are continuing to stake their claim on markets across the country with many usurping their competition by being better prepared to make a solid offer. The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that about 18 per...
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Melbourne makes its move to number one (but at what cost?)

The rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne is as famous as that between Wile E Coyote and the Road Runner, the Maroons and the Blues, or Taylor Swift and Kanye West. For generations, the two cities have been in a war...
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