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Structuring your finances

Why property investment is about finance, not real estate

Buying a property, whether it’s your first or your fifth, is a well-established pathway to long-term prosperity. It’s a brick-by-brick journey to building personal wealth and it requires patience and discipline to achieve your goals. But acquiring property isn’t just...
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Stamp Duty

Stamp duty or land tax – what’s the best way forward?

The much-maligned stamp duty is facing extinction, albeit at an excruciatingly slow rate with the recent announcement from New South Wales that the state is seeking submissions on a plan to transition from stamp duty to a new property tax. ...
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Property Market

Australia’s property market 2021

The national property market has proven itself to be remarkably resilient following an extraordinarily turbulent year – a statement that would have seemed ludicrous last March. Early in 2020, as the full scope of the pandemic bloomed, experts forecast that...
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My key lending touchpoints for 2021

Here we are greeting a new year with renewed hope that 2020 becomes a blur and 2021 will be a far more prosperous year for everyone. As we look forward to the moment when we can farewell 2020 and welcome...
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Business Planning 653x339

8 Charts explaining why we’re in for a great time in property in 2021

Who would have believed it? 2021 is going to be a great year property, but if I had told you that six months ago or eight months ago you wouldn’t have believed me, would you? Now I know some people...
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Financial Plan

New data shows COVID-19’s impact on Australians’ personal finances, including debt and insurance

As Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe warns that Australia’s recovery from recession will be “uneven” and “bumpy”, new data from Roy Morgan shows the financial impact COVID-19 has had on Australians and also shows how people who have suffered negative...
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What happens to our economy after COVID?

With any luck, by this time next year most Australians will be vaccinated against coronavirus and the crisis that we’ve endured through 2020 will be on its way to becoming a distant memory. Progress in developing a vaccine has been...
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Property Valuator

Seven things you need to do to finance a property portfolio

Building a property portfolio will establish your personal wealth and give you financial security throughout the course of your life but it is a goal that will require a disciplined, steadfast approach and above all, commitment for the long haul. There...
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Your loan deferral is ending. What happens now?

Financial assistance during the pandemic has come from all quarters to ensure most Aussies can chart a course through these trying times. There have been government assistance packages and stimulus spending. Community groups and other bodies offering charitable support or...
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