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First Home Buyers

First home buyer scheme will be first in, first served

First home buyers will need to move quickly if they wish to benefit from a new government deposit scheme. The Federal Government’s First Home Loan Deposit scheme comes into effect on 1 January next year. The caveat is that there...
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How much do you need to buy property in super?

For a while there, it seemed like just about every investor you’d speak to was tapping into their superannuation nest eggs to buy real estate. Seven or eight years ago, as major property markets in Sydney and Melbourne began their...
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Commercial Property

Commercial properties – how much can you borrow?

There’s no doubt that securing a mortgage for a home is an involved process, with lots of paperwork, assessment and hoop-jumping. But generally speaking, you’ve got a decent deposit on a solid property that’s worth what you’re paying, no credit...
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Home Loan

What’s the best home loan for you?

There’s nothing quite like an interest rate cut to inspire borrowers to shop around for a better home loan deal. And why not? The Reserve Bank of Australia has taken the official cash rate to a record low of 0.75...
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Hey ScoMo, your honeymoon’s over

Before he was the prime minister, Scott Morrison was the boss of Tourism Australia and helped coin the iconic phrase, “Where the bloody hell are you?” Yes, that cheesy TV ad that made Lara Bingle a star was the brainchild...
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Commercial Property

The basics of a commercial property loan

Commercial property investment can be a lucrative endeavour, with long-term tenants paying solid rents and delivering a big, often double-digit, yield. When it’s good, it’s a great vehicle for your money that delivers long-term cash flow and the potential for capital...
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Interest Rate

Why negative interest rates would be bad for Australia

Imagine being paid by your bank to take out a mortgage for your next home purchase? It sounds like a pretty laughable scenario – pie in the sky sort of stuff that would never eventuate. Except it has in Denmark,...
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Lending Market

What’s changed in our lending markets?

New research has claimed looser bank lending is the key driver of the house price rebound in Melbourne and Sydney – not the Coalition’s surprise election win. In an article published on its blog, non-partisan think tank the Grattan Institute...
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Rate Cut

Record low rates – what should you do?

Australia is now in a situation where anything can happen when it comes to interest rates. The Reserve Bank shaved another 25 basis points off the official cash rate on Tuesday, lowering it to a record low 0.75 per cent....
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The dos and don’ts of successful investors

Real estate investing used to be a rather niche industry, confined to the few Australians who had significant reserves of cash and a genuine interest in the property market. These days, you could be forgiven for thinking that everyone is a real...
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