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Sell House

What you’ll have to cough up when you sell

When it comes to property investing, quite often there’s no reward — or usually no big reward in any case — without a little bit of risk. Similarly, there’s almost always no reward without a heavy dose of reality. And that reality...
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Stump Duty

Can you claim the stamp duty on your investment property?

When it comes to buying an investment property, there are plenty of costs involved in the process. Inspection reports, legal work, loan applications, title transfers… and that not-insignificant cost of the actual property. The list goes on and on, and...
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Cooling The Housing Market

Is finance cooling our housing markets?

  When you look at auction clearance rates across Australia, speak to builders and real estate agents, it’s clear that the market generally has softened. Of course, finance is the key fundamental that underpins all of the property market. And...
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Cash Up Time

How to cash in at tax time

Forget Christmas! An investor’s favourite time of year is June 30. The beginning of tax time. A time to squirrel back as much money from the taxman as legally possible. And if you’re a property investor, there is a plethora...
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First Time Investing

First-time investing in New South Wales — is it worth it?

The first time you do anything can be challenging — riding a bike, learning to drive or speaking in front of a crowd. It’s new, unfamiliar and requires a certain element of previous knowledge. Sometimes you can fluke it but...
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Credit House F

First signs of APRA restrictions are lifted

  So APRA has finally cut its limit on investor lending growth — some three and a half years after it was implemented by finally axing its 10% investor lending speed limit by saying that it had “served its purpose”. As...
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7 big insurance risks when renovating

There are big profits to be made when renovating. But, it’s not always smooth sailing for those trying to manufacture a profit through a property refresh. The lure of strong capital gains and higher rents for renovators is ever-present, but...
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What will drive Brisbane’s property price higher?

Brisbane property investors are proving more loyal than a third-generation Lions supporter. Since 2010, Brisbane has been your favourite pub band — full of potential, not lacking enthusiasm, but frustratingly unable to catch a break and launch into the big league....
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Is the worst over for Brisbane’s unit market?

If the unit market in Brisbane was a movie, last year’s performance would’ve made anything Quentin Tarantino can serve up look like a Disney classic. An explosion of new stock caused a dramatic oversupply that caused prices to slump in...
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Sydney – is it spiralling or settling?

You know that smell just before a big downpour? It’s a familiar scent that fills the air and instantly hints that you should bring the washing in. Or how you get a scratchy sensation in the back of your throat,...
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