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Melbourne makes its move to number one

The rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne is as famous as that between Wile E Coyote and the Road Runner, the Maroons and the Blues, or Taylor Swift and Kanye West. For generations, the two cities have been in a war...
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Political shenanigans could impact economic growth

I was having a beer with a friend on Friday when the results came in. Scott Morrison was our new Prime Minister. In fact, ScoMo was our sixth leader in a little over a decade. The events of past week...
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Property Finance

Why property investors develop financial freedom

Let’s be honest, most of us want to be rich and many of us are fascinated by those who already are. How did they do it? How can we do it too? The truth is wealthy people don’t do different...
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Brisbane unit market turns a corner

The Brisbane new unit market appears to be turning a corner, with a new survey finding renters are soaking up supply. Of course, much has been written about the thousands of new units that hit the inner Brisbane market over...
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Girl Takes Antibiotics

Why everyone needs to take a chill pill

You know the market has turned when you start seeing headlines with words like “bust”, “crunch” and “plunge” in the headlines. It was only 18 months ago when the words “boom”, “record highs” and “peak” were much more common. The...
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What We Can Learn From Australias Richest People

What we can learn from Australia’s richest people

It seems like Australia’s billionaires are getting richer while the rest of us struggle with record-low wage growth.  The recently released AFR Rich 200 list gives us some insight into what’s happening to the fortunes of Australia’s wealthiest individuals, and it...
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Protect Property

Protect your investment like it’s your baby

I remember reading a news article a year or so back about a property investor whose tenant accidentally started a fire in the unit and gutted the place. The structure was fine and any small repairs that had to be...
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Sell House

What you’ll have to cough up when you sell

When it comes to property investing, quite often there’s no reward — or usually no big reward in any case — without a little bit of risk. Similarly, there’s almost always no reward without a heavy dose of reality. And that reality...
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Stump Duty

Can you claim the stamp duty on your investment property?

When it comes to buying an investment property, there are plenty of costs involved in the process. Inspection reports, legal work, loan applications, title transfers… and that not-insignificant cost of the actual property. The list goes on and on, and...
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One Stop Shop

Why you should be wary of one stop shops

  Most people struggle to fit everything in to the time we have available to us each day. In fact, there are plenty of inventions that have promised to give us more time with our families by automating or simplifying...
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