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Credit Score2

What is an Equifax score?

Some of the most common questions I get asked from clients relate to their Equifax score, or their credit rating. Equifax is Australia’s largest credit reporting agency and allocates you with a number that is essentially a summary of your...
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The stages of a construction project: completion and realisation

If you’re a parent, you’ll know that the final few weeks of the pregnancy are an exciting and daunting time. The road to get here has been long, sometimes uncertain, perhaps challenging but very rewarding. And now it’s almost time...
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Market Forecasts

Housing Market Forecasts 2019-2022

The annual QBE Australian Housing Outlook for 2019-2022 has just been released and have shown some very interesting statistical data that should enable us to look at and invest with confidence in the coming year. This really is one of...
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Argue Debate2

The living expenses debate And Why throwing ASIC’s court case against Westpac out just makes sense

OK, who wants to go first in having a “bash” at anyone of our banks? Forget the AFL and NRL football finals, or even the cricket and our quest to retain the Ashes, No people, its bank bashing that really...
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The stages of a construction project: construction and project management

Have you ever watched that great television series Grand Designs? It follows the journeys of ordinary people with big ideas for their dream homes, from concept to incept and through to completion. The developments are each unique in scale and...
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What happens to property values in a recession?

Are we heading for a recession and what would it mean for the property market? That’s a question I was recently asked by Yahoo Finance where I’ve been writing a regular property column for well over a decade. Now that’s...
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Planing Project Square

The stages of a construction project: planning and approvals

So, you want to take on a construction project. It’s an admirable ambition – and a smart one at a time when the market in most major cities looks to have bottomed out and be on the verge of recovery....
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Is it Brisbane’s time to shine?

You only need to spend a day driving around Brisbane to see that things are well and truly pumping in the Sunshine State’s capital. You’ve got the new Howard Smith Wharves precinct, the massive amounts of development and urban renewal...
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House Model On Red Block With Question Mark Symbols

Has the property market bottomed?

It’s no secret that housing markets in some Australian capital cities have had a rough trot since the boom ended in the final quarter of 2017. Since then, prices have fallen by double-digits in Sydney and Melbourne, and also went...
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Property Invest

Is now the best to buy property since the GFC?

The funny thing about every market downturn is that when we’re in it, it’s often hard to see the forest for the trees. We think what’s happening is unique and worse than ever before. But cast your minds back to...
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