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Good news for Aussie Expats as Banks increase appetite

It’s finally some good news for those Australians living abroad as Aussie lenders start to ease some restrictions upon them. Positive changes to the way income is assessed as well as some easing in the Loan to Value ratio (LVR)...
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Stump Duty

Can you claim the stamp duty on your investment property?

When it comes to buying an investment property, there are plenty of costs involved in the process. Inspection reports, legal work, loan applications, title transfers… and that not-insignificant cost of the actual property. The list goes on and on, and...
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Credit Score2

What is a good credit score?

Some of the most common questions I get asked from clients relate to their Equifax score, or their credit rating. Equifax is Australia’s largest credit reporting agency and allocates you with a number that is essentially a summary of your...
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Questions You Must Ask Your Broker

Expats – 7 questions you must ask your broker

As an expat Aussie, you’ve worked hard and made sacrifices for your chosen career. Now it’s time to still call Australia home by dipping your toe back into the water of Oz property… but there’s danger in retaining a finance...
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Guarantor For Your Kids

Should you go guarantor for your kids?

  You’ve loved them, guided them and raised them ever since they were first placed into your arms as a little screaming ball of redness. And you’d do anything to give your kids the best possible start in their adult...
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Invest With No Money

How to start investing in property with no money

It wasn’t that long ago that banks would lend you more money than the value of the property that you were buying. Lenders were hungry for business and the economy was robust so it was deemed to be a reasonable...
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