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Bank Valuation Graph

Bank valuation vs market value – How much is your property worth?

Did you know there are two potential values for your property? Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t understand the difference between a market value and a bank value – but it’s vitally important that they do. In fact, sometimes when a homeowner...
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How much should you pay for an investment property in Sydney?

The median house price in Sydney may have recently dipped below $1 million, but it’s still about 75 per cent higher than it was five years ago. According to the latest CoreLogic report, Sydney property prices fell marginally over September...
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property investment loan in Sydney’s changing market

VIDEO: Securing a property investment loan in Sydney’s changing market

Investor lending has changed quite dramatically over the past 18 months.Why has the lending environment changed so much for Sydney investors since then? The reason why that has taken place was that the government regulator, APRA, was worried about the...
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10 lending tips to secure finance today

It almost seems that every day brings with it new lending policies, doesn’t it? Interest rates are changed for investors and interest-only lenders, while loan to value ratios seems to be more fluid than a retreating tide. While it can...
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How to navigate today’s complex lending landscape

The lending landscape is changing rapidly. In fact, it’s the most complex that I’ve seen in my many decades in the sector. Banks seem to be shifting the goalposts constantly, which can mean increased rates for certain types of new...
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7 money lessons in 7 minutes

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that many people are terrible with money. Sometimes it’s not really our “fault” because we’ve just learned bad money lessons from our parents, which we’ve unhelpfully carried through into adulthood. Other times, it’s because...
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Interest only lending – the good, the bad and the ugly (part one)

Interest-only lending in the headlines a lot lately, isn’t it? As I’ve written and spoken about before that’s because of a clampdown on this type of lending by APRA. This has meant that lenders are reducing their ratios of interest-only...
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Commercial loans – what are they and how do they work?

Commercial loans – what are they and how do they work?

Not all home loans are created equally and they’re created for different types of investments as well. And depending on whether you’re a novice or an advanced investor, your loan needs will vary because your strategy will be different, too....
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Lower interest rates reducing mortgage stress

Despite some concern regarding the future of the property market – mortgage holders appear to be breathing a little easier. New results from Roy Morgan’s mortgage stress data show that in the three months to April 2017, 16.8% or 666,000 mortgage holders can...
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Surveying for Town Planning Applications

When you are proposing to build, renovate, development, subdivide, change the land use, a planning permit is often required. These planning permits are lodged with the relevant local governments and are assessed against what the land is zoned, permitted land...
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