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Keeping The Kippers At Bay

Keeping the KIPPERS at bay

They may be both the light of your life and your legacy, but today’s kids include a whole new demographic subset that’s having a significant impact on how parental property owners and pending retirees are seeing out their golden years....
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Investing when you are old

How old is too old to invest?

They were meant to be your golden years, when you’d finally stop working and drive off into the sunset in a convertible, headed to your weekender down the coast or to your boat docked at the local marina. You were...
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Handle Finances Man or Woman

Who is better at handling finances – women or men?

It’s the age-old question, isn’t it? Who is better at finances? Women or men? Of course, each gender has their reasons why they believe they’re better than the other. From being more cautious with money to comparing phone plans to...
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What everyone needs to know about starting a small business

Many Australians dream about starting a small business.  They dream about being their own boss and having more flexible working conditions as well as hours. While being self-employed or running a small business can be one of the best ways...
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