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Debt Bomb Investors

Beware the 2020 debt bomb!

Are you ready for the 2020 debt bomb? Now before you start thinking I’ve gone all “60 Minutes” and am falsely forecasting property doom and gloom, think again! Property markets around the country are doing their thing depending on the...
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It’s either savings or selling as many interest-only terms expire

A new alarmist report has many believing that property Armageddon is nigh. ME Bank’s bi-annual Household Financial Comfort Measures report surveyed 1500 households to gauge how they feel about their financial situation, including cost of living and household debt – and guess...
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Why your wealth must be insured

I want you to picture a big suitcase stuffed with $929,000 in cash. It’s all yours. That’s your wealth. Now, I want you to imagine that suitcase is tied to a very thin piece of string, suspended high in the...
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Plastic is not fantastic – here’s how to ditch it

Like your first kiss; car, job, love and heartbreak, chances are you’ll never forget your very first credit card. Not because of the dizzying high it gave, the sage wisdom it instilled or the thrilling sense of accomplishment you felt....
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What everyone needs to know about starting a small business

Many Australians dream about starting a small business.  They dream about being their own boss and having more flexible working conditions as well as hours. While being self-employed or running a small business can be one of the best ways...
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Queensland Contract 1

Understanding the QLD contract exchange process

Queensland real estate is on the radar of home owners, first home buyers and investors alike, due to its relative affordability compared to Sydney and Melbourne. In fact, interstate migration is on the rise in Queensland, as more southerners consider...
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How to get a business loan

Today’s work environment is much different than in years gone by – and it’s mainly due to technology. Not only are there new occupations being created almost daily, our global society means that it’s easier to connect with millions of...
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Commercial loans – what are they and how do they work?

Commercial loans – what are they and how do they work?

Not all home loans are created equally and they’re created for different types of investments as well. And depending on whether you’re a novice or an advanced investor, your loan needs will vary because your strategy will be different, too....
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ASIC takes Westpac to court [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

ASIC takes Westpac to court from Kevin Turner RET ASIC has commenced civil penalty proceedings in the Federal Court against Westpac for a number of contraventions of the responsible lending provisions. According to Andrew Mirams, it’s a major shock for...
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Affordable properties come at a price

3 Experts comment on the December RBA interest rate decision

The Reserve Bank of Australia has kept rates on hold at 1.5% after its December 2016 meting.  The decision to leave the cash rate on hold today came as no surprise to those following our economy. To better understand the decision,...
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