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property investment loan in Sydney’s changing market

VIDEO: Securing a property investment loan in Sydney’s changing market

Investor lending has changed quite dramatically over the past 18 months.Why has the lending environment changed so much for Sydney investors since then? The reason why that has taken place was that the government regulator, APRA, was worried about the...
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wealth through property

6 Tips to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

With any property investment or ownership strategy at some stage homeowners and investors will need to consider how and when they will pay off their mortgage. During the accumulation phase of a property investment strategy, for example, most people keep...
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A Guide to Borrowing for Building – Construction Loans

A Guide to Borrowing for Building – Construction Loans

Building a brand-new home has long been the dream for many Australians. To make your dream become a reality, however, the vast majority of people need to fund their build via something that’s called a Construction Loan. A construction loan...
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about comparison rate

What does comparison rate mean for home owners?

Whether you’re a first-time home owner or a seasoned investor, we all want to find the best deal for our mortgage. With an abundance of lenders and loan types paired with the complicated jargon and hidden fees involved with financial...
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self-managed superannuation fund

Buying property with self-managed super funds

Introduction Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) are a way of saving for your retirement. The difference between a SMSF and other types of funds is that the members of an SMSF are usually also the trustees (or directors). This means the...
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How Does Bridging Finance Work?

You’ve found your perfect next property and you know opportunities like this don’t come around that often. Unfortunately, so does everyone else and the chances are if your eyes on it, someone else is probably looking at it too. Securing...
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