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First Home Buyers Grant

Changes to QLD’s first home buyers grant: could you own your new home sooner?

First home owners grants have been around in most States and Territories for nearly two decades now, and are one of many other financial incentives put forward over the years to help first-time home buyers. The original First Home Owners...
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Interes only lending 2

Interest only lending – the good, the bad and the ugly (Part Two)

It doesn’t seem that long ago that borrowers held the upper hand. Lenders were scrambling over each other to get their business. Times for borrowers were good, with competition aplenty in the banking marketplace. Alas, times have changed – but...
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Sunshine property market

Falling days on market means preparation is key

The Sunshine Coast property market has seen activity ramp up over the past two to three years – and its growing popularity looks set to continue for some time yet. A number of measures illustrate how well Sunshine Coast property...
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Buying Off The Plan

A beginner’s guide to buying off the plan

We all know that Sydney has stolen all the property headlines over recent years, but there has been another big news story happening at the same time. What is it? It’s buying off the plan – and buying new units...
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Cople family looking to new modern big house

How to avoid house settlement problems

Once you’ve signed on the dotted line and bought your next home or investment, then there’s a series of boxes that need to be ticked before the property become yours. Finance needs to be approved and any inspections also need...
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Property easements

Your complete guide to easements on property

When you buy real estate for the first time, you sometimes come across a bunch of unfamiliar terms. What’s conveyancing? What’s a pre-settlement inspection? What’s a trust account? And another term that is probably relatively unusual to new developers or...
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Should you use a line of credit?

Lines of credit on home loans have been around for a while now and are not a new product in the mortgage marketplace. However, the problem is that it can be tempting for borrowers to use them as a cash...
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Is interest-only lending really that bad?

When it comes to interest-only lending, there are a few factors that determine whether it’s a good or bad strategy for borrowers. First up, if your whole portfolio is interest-only, then at some point your repayments are going to switch...
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Engineers survey

What is land surveying?

The following guest post from Step Surveying provides a glimpse into one of the most fundamental home ownership activities; knowing the exact dimensions of your land. This can be critical in avoiding boundary disputes. We also learn some of the...
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Young woman loving Melbourne, Australia

Getting a home loan – A guide for Australian expats

It’s a rite of passage for Australians to head overseas to experience everything that the big wide world has to offer. This is even more so today with international borders usually open to qualified individuals who can add value to...
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