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want to be happy

10 things you must stop doing if you want to be happy

Over the the 10 years I’ve been running my Mentorship Program  I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some very successful property investors, business people and entrepreneurs. And of course I’ve worked with some who’ve not achieved anywhere near the...
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think differently

15 ways rich people think differently

The rich think differently to the average person according to Steve Siebold, the author of How Rich People Think. If you’ve been reading my blogs you’ll know I’ve often said successful property investors think differently to the average investor. Anyway…...
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line of credit

What you must know about Line of Credit, Offset Account and Redraw facility

There is some confusion around the Line of Credit, Offset accounts and Redraw facilities that banks offer. When we talk to clients about what their understanding as to what each facility offers we find a range of answers – as...
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Intuitive Finance awarded Best Independent Office & Best Customer Service Office by The Adviser’s Magazine

Following on from Intuitive Finance winning Victoria’s Favourite Mortgage Broker at the 2015 Investors Choice Awards comes the news that the Bayside business has won both the Best Independent Broker and the Best Customer Service award at The Adviser’s 2016...
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buy a home

Top Tips About Buying and Selling in the Winter Months

Given we are in the depths of winter, it makes sense to revisit the tips we received from Hocking Stuart’s Jenny Dwyer in 2013 about  Continue reading
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Choosing An Accountant

Our recommendation at INTUTIVE FINANCE has always been to maintain a balanced, suitably long term approach to your investments – consider all categories and retain as much flexibility as you can…and when it comes to wealth management, make sure you...
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