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What every property investor needs to know about a depreciation schedule

I recently met with Marty Sadlier and Mike Mortlock of MCG Quantity Surveyors and asked them the above important question to which they answered here:- A lot has been written about various nuances within tax legislation and construction estimating....
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Sandringham Beach

Sandringham shores heat up for investors

As Melbourne’s market moved through 2017, it may have seemed a property punter would be just fine if they simply secured any holding and waited a few months for demand to drive prices higher. It felt like a ‘fool proof’...
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Interest Rate

The deadly sin of interest rate creep

I’d almost be willing to bet you that you’re paying far too much interest on your home or investment property mortgage – unless you’re already one of our clients and even then, without regular reviews and taking up our annual...
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Property Down

10 Common mistakes investors make during a property downturn

2019 is shaping up to be an interesting year with the value of many properties still falling. While this is the eighth property downturn I’ve experienced in my 40+ years of investing, and I saw it coming and I’m taking...
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Mortage Prisoner

Are you a mortgage prisoner?

If the past few years will be remembered for anything, it may be that many Australians felt like mortgage prisoners. What do I mean by such a seemingly contrary statement? Well, the confluence of changes in the lending landscape has...
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Home Value

How to add value to your home

In quieter market conditions, many homeowners opt to renovate their properties to create equity themselves. Some people call this “sweat equity” because you usually sweat a lot painting the walls and working in the garden – especially in summer! Of...
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What I need to know to get my home loan approved?

Did you know that billions of dollars in dwelling finance commitments were approved in September in Australia? That’s right, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, tens of thousands of dwellings were financed in one single month for either owner...
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Property Manager

When was the last time you reviewed your property manager?

Like everything that has a financial impact on you – your home and/or investment loans, your personal insurances, your phone contract etc. – property management is no different. Rental property markets across the country are constantly changing based on local...
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House Model On Red Block With Question Mark Symbols

Have APRA and the regulators gone too far?

I wish I could start the year with good news, but it seems that the economic clouds are gathering, and the resultant storm may well be on the horizon. Why? Well still to this day APRA (Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority)...
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The dangers of investing by following the crowds

In many situations, being part of the crowd can be rewarding.crowd group individual motivation fish win contest race diffferent Outdoor festivals, markets, concerts, stage shows: these are all events that are considerably better when enjoyed with the buzz and energy...
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