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First Home Buyers

First home buyers signing up for loan scheme

First home buyers have started to apply for a new government scheme designed to get them onto the property ladder sooner. The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme kicked off on 1 January, with eligible first home buyers able to access...
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Suburb Sydney

The best investment property suburbs in Sydney

Sydney has certainly been our nation’s benchmark market – and it’s obvious why. Around 60 per cent of all transactions occur in and around the capital. This gives it substantial weight in any national analysis. We’ve also noticed that some...
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Can the coronavirus infect our property markets?

The coronavirus is sweeping the world – but just not in the way that you think. Contrary to many media reports, we are not in the midst of a pandemic that spells impending doom for all humankind. Rather, a new...
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Realtor Sitting At Desk In Office. Realtor Is Presenting Keys And Model House With Family In Background.

Why 2020 is a great time to buy

We’re only a few weeks into the first month of the year and it appears that property markets are already to starting to hum with activity. While last year was one of market ups and downs, as well as changing...
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Valuations: The key elements that valuers look for when deciding residential valuations…

Whenever you want to borrow money to purchase a property or conduct renovations, your lender will employ a professional, registered valuer to give them an independent assessment of the property’s market valuation. Why? Because the lender needs to confirm the...
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What’s the right strategy for this stage of the property cycle?

When it comes to property investment you’ll often hear two conflicting philosophies – invest for capital growth or invest for positive cash flow. We’re in for a long period of low interest rates, low inflation and low wages growth, meaning...
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Property Tax

Does your home sit on two titles? You may pay land tax every year from 2020!

Home owners in metropolitan Melbourne may soon be required to pay thousands in Land tax to the State Revenue Office, as amendments to the State Taxation Act will remove the land tax exemption for owners of contiguous land (land that...
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Interest Rate

Should you fix your home loan rate now?

The events of the past year have prompted a lot of current and would-be mortgage holders to consider whether they should rush to lock in their loan interest rates with a fixed product. Rates have tumbled thanks to multiple cuts...
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2020 Year Of Hope

Is 2020 the year of hope?

Welcome to 2020, Yes the new year is here and all eyes are on what our housing markets around the country might do. At the end of 2019, there were strong signs that Sydney and Melbourne in particular were well...
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Rental Yield

What is a rental yield?

In the world of a property investor, there are almost countless measures, terms and phrases to get acquainted with that help you determine your future and current position, viability and long-term outlook. For landlords, one of the best indicators of...
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