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Sydney property market

What will the CBD and South East Light Rail do to Sydney property prices?

If you’ve ventured into Sydney’s CBD over the past year or so you would have noticed something quite unusual. The bustle along George Street near Circular Quay, while still there, has been usurped by heavy machinery and plenty of people...
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Property Boom in 2018

2018 is going to be a boom year

I predict that 2018 is going to be a boom year! But before you start wondering what I’m “on”, let me explain… I believe this is going to be a boom year for fright! The media is at it again...
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Brisbane Development

Are Brisbane unit developments taking a breather?

Brisbane has been in the property news a lot, and not all of it has been complimentary. The Sunshine State capital’s much publicised new unit oversupply has been hogging plenty of headlines, but is such coverage warranted? Cranes, cranes everywhere...
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Handle Finances Man or Woman

Who is better at handling finances – women or men?

It’s the age-old question, isn’t it? Who is better at finances? Women or men? Of course, each gender has their reasons why they believe they’re better than the other. From being more cautious with money to comparing phone plans to...
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Why not invest in bitcoin

Why I won’t be investing in bitcoin!

When I wrote about bitcoin just before Christmas, its price was sitting around USD$19,000. Today, about three weeks later, it’s sitting about USD $14,000. That’s a drop of about 26 per cent – in just three weeks!! I don’t know...
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renovating for profit

Renovating your property for profit

If an alien landed in Australia, it might think that we’re a nation of renovators. Not only do we have a plethora of TV shows about renovating for profit, but there is an army of amateurs who spend their weekends becoming...
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Brisbane City investment

Is Brisbane about to become the playground for China?

Passenger numbers through Brisbane Airport increased by 447,000 people to more than 22.4 million throughout 2016. Those numbers are set to soar considerably more as we approach the opening of the second parallel runway for Brisbane Airport. It appears the...
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What do tulips have to do with bitcoin?

What do tulips have to do with bitcoin?

Did you know that back in the 17th Century tulips were seen as “assets” that could make you rich? In fact, according to various accounts, the demand for tulip bulbs in the Netherlands in particular soared from the early 1600s...
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What you need to know about rentvesting

The “A-word” is in the headlines a lot lately isn’t it? When we say that, of course, we mean affordability. Would-be homeowners in Sydney and Melbourne are finding it increasingly difficult to get a foothold in the market. The great...
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Is the Regulator's work done yet

Is the regulator’s work done yet?

I’ve written a lot about the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) this year because they’ve been pulling levers for nearly two years now. But as we head into the New Year, the question becomes “Is their work done yet?” Friend...
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