Richard and Michelle – EXPAT Family

Portfolio development of domestic property investments for expatriates

Richard and Michelle are expats, living in London, who already have their family home, which they have been renting out since they moved overseas. They have the potential to utilise the equity in this home as well as their tax-free income to build a multi-property portfolio.

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    Facilitate applications and processes for additional loans

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    Assessment of financials and scoping of possible routes

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    Purchase of investment properties utilising a 90% LVR limit

property investments
Our proposal

As eligible expatriates can access a mortgage to the value of up to 90% of a property, they can use the existing equity they have to finance the purchase of additional properties. This is a 10% difference to the standard 80% LVR limit. Intuitive Finance recommended Richard and Michelle to take advantage of this, and combined with the spare income they earn plus the rental income of their properties, their existing cash-flow requirements won’t be heavily impacted.

The Outcome

Richard and Michelle were able to buy additional properties close to home and rent them out, using their spare income and rental income to help pay off their loans.

Andrew Mirams

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