What is happiness? These countries seem to have the answer

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The World 9 300x300What makes a happy country?

Is it their economy? Health system? Employment rates?

Recently a group of experts including economists, neuroscientists, and statisticians released their fourth world happiness report aiming to answer these questions and distinguish which country tops the ladder.

According to their findings Denmark tops the list as the happiest of all followed closely by Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Canada, and the Netherlands.

So what is it that makes these countries so happy?

Key factors included:

42086534 L 300x1921) Mindfulness, allowing joy into your life

2) Access to necessary material resources

3) Being stimulated by work

4) Personal freedom

5) Positive governance

6) Finding a positive social group and quality time with family/friends

Here is a graphic of the 30 happiest countries:

Happy1 1160x780

Happy2 1024x177

World Happiness Report 2016

For the full world happiness report click here


Michael Yardney

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