Karl – Rentvestor

Building a property portfolio for future wealth building

Karl is a professional AFL player looking to invest in property while playing football, allowing him to begin building a property portfolio that can help him build long-term wealth after his football career.

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    Establishing a plan for entry into the property market

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    Utilising available packages for extended funding

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    Assisting a smooth process between purchasing, renovating, and renting out

Our proposal

We worked with Karl to ascertain a suitable budget to determine from where he would be able to enter the property market. Under the professional sportspersons’ package, he was able to secure finance without mortgage insurance. This allowed Intuitive Finance to look at a higher purchase price and assist Karl in securing a better asset.

The Outcome

After searching for a couple of months, Karl was able to secure a terrific villa unit in the Melbourne Bayside within his budget. As his father is a builder, he was able to bring him on board to do a small renovation to add further value to the property. Within its first week of being listed, the property was rented out, validating it as a great first investment property. We have since assisted Karl with further purchases as he grows his portfolio!

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