3 simple maintenance tips to save you money

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As both a carpenter and a property manager, I consistently see the significant costs to investors who have ignored three key property maintenance items.



Yes, aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, vital to protecting the exterior of your house from the harsh Brisbane elements. Once the paint starts to crack and deteriorate the timber can quickly start to rot and a simple repair becomes a costly replace.

External handrails and stairs are particularly important to maintain given the amount of timber touching timber at critical joints, and for the safety of your tenants. Water will sit wherever timber touches timber and quickly rot the joint, meaning that even if the remainder of that timber is perfect the whole length will need replacement. Hardwood timber maintained regularly can last a lifetime.

Painting tip: The side of your property that faces the western sun should have an additional coat of paint as it will be exposed to the sun for significantly longer over the life the paint job.


Silicone is designed to stop water from getting into areas that cannot get wet. In the bathroom and kitchen this is critical.

If the silicone around the shower and bath is not maintained it allows water to get into the timber work behind the wall and once this starts to rot you can potentially be up for pulling all of the tiles off the wall and replacing framework

Silicone tip: Completely replacing silicone in a bathroom will typically not exceed $150 and could save you thousands.

Yard MaintenanceGumtree

There are two trees that I recommend to clear from your property.

Chinese Elms grow extremely fast, with an invasive and water-seeking root system. This has been the cause of more plumbing issues than I care to remember, with trees up to 15 metres away being responsible for broken and blocked sewerage pipes. They can also cause structural damage to a house and wherever found should be removed as a priority.

Tip: The Chinese Celtis (aka Chinese Elm) is a declared Class 3 pest plant under the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002. There is no Local Government protection of Chinese Elms, and no requirement for a landowner to check if a Chinese Elm can be removed.

Gum Trees
are beautiful but entirely not appropriate for being in the yard or close to the house. This tree has earned its reputation in Australia following countless deaths as a result of the tree coming down over a house during storm season and even through branches falling unexpectedly.

Tip: If this tree is found within falling distance of your house it should be removed as a priority as it is typically only a matter of time before it will fall given the nature of its small root system.


Gutterscan quickly fill with leaves. In a heavy downpour this can quickly lead to the water backing back up and pouring into the property damaging the ceiling, walls and flooring. Ensure you keep the gutters clear buy cutting trees away from the house.

Tip: Hiring a tree Arborist is an effective way of stopping the tree from growing in that direction again. They can cut limbs of the tree in order to not allow for regrowth and the additional spend upfront will often lead to long term savings.

Remember, it’s smart to be proactive not reactive!

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