The Importance of Becoming a Property Expert

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A common myth about success and wealth creation is the need for a “formal” education.’

money parentIt’s something often drummed into us by our parents…

” You need to get a good education and then a good job to secure your future.”

But as I say this is a myth.

Some of my most successful clients did not complete school nor did they have a tertiary education, yet they are successful in business, entrepreneurship and property investment.

On the other hand I have seen many well educated, intelligent people who were not “financially literate” and have not accumulated any wealth.

The habit of self education

While a tertiary education is not a requirement for success in property investment, the need for daily self education and ongoing personal development is.

And interestingly, it is one of the habits the average Australian lacks.

Daily ongoing  self-education  is one of the regular habits all rich people seem to have in common.

The rich are in relentless pursuit of knowledge every day.

I am fortunate enough to work with and mingle with many wealthy business people and property investors, and I’ve found that at least 30% of these successful people did not  get a tertiary education.

On the other hand, the common denominator all of the successful shared, was their relentless pursuit of self-education…on a daily basis.

I believe self-education and persistence are two critical factors in creating success.

Once you decide to develop a level of financial independence through property investment it really is irrelevant how much formal education you have.

Today there are many resources to help you become a property expert. In fact your property too many resources.

So it becomes important to know who to listen to, who to follow and to who to have as a mentor.

I am a ferocious learner

weekend reads

I read regularly and I’m still learning every day and I encourage you to do the same.

Find a mentor and a leader who can guide you through the process and make sure you get yourself out there to network with other business-minded individuals.

Become a sponge, soaking up all information related to your goal, your purpose or your dream.

You will then become an expert in your field, with or without a university education.


Michael Yardney

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