We take all of our valued clients through a simple 6 step process

Initial Consult

We get in contact Within 4 hours of your initial introduction

Initial consultation (via the phone, skype or face to face) where we establish your motivations and requirements.


Gather & Consult

this process takes Between 1 & 2 BUSINESS days based on how soon you return all your information

Information gathering is necessary to confirm your financial status.


Review & Strategise

We review your situation and create a strategy Within 5 business days once all data is provided

This is a clear and detailed review of your financial position with a suggested investment or buying strategy for you to consider, including an assessment of the best and most appropriate deals available.



Agree & Implement

You can Agree within 5 business days to the provisions of the strategy. Implementation/applications are then submitted within 3 business days

Complete the necessary application paperwork including follow-up negotiations with lenders and adjustments if necessary.



Approval within 5 business days of submission. Loan documents are issued within 3 business days from this unconditional approval

This step involves finalising approval(s) and arranging the formal paperwork to sign.



For a purchase – the settlement terms are outlined in your contract of sale. For a refinance – it will traditionally take between 2-4 weeks for this to occur.

All settlement terms are outlined in the purchase contract.