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11 positive things about getting old that no one tells you about

Over the years I’ve realised that life is journey of  lessons and experiences containing successes and mistakes. And there’s lot’s of great things about getting older that none tells you about when you’re young Lifehack offers this list of 11...
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5 reasons why you’ll forever be in debt

The thing about getting into debt is that anyone can do it! The hard part, of course, is getting out of debt. In fact, many people struggle with even admitting they’re in debt in the first place and bounce from...
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Man using drill on house outline

Renovate or sell – what’s your best option?

The popularity of renovating is growing every year, no doubt helped by the plethora of reality television shows on the topic. But, like so many other things in life, renovating is not necessarily the same as it appears on our...
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17 good finance habits you should adopt

If you’re anything like the rest of adult population, you’ve at some point made a promise to yourself to get the finances in order. That’s a great start, but unless you do things differently to what you’ve done up till now,...
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Australia Demographics

Australia’s latest demographic stats

Demographics drives our property markets. In fact over the long term, demographics is more important to what happens to property than short term influences like interest rates or consumer confidence. So let’s look at some of the latest ABS demographic data,...
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Your Investment Property

Avoid your primal urges as an investor

Our instincts helped get us out of caves and into centrally heated homes – but can they help us become better traders?  Imagine you are one of our primitive ancestors. The world is a frightening place. Virtually everything is bigger,...
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Property Expert

The Importance of Becoming a Property Expert

A common myth about success and wealth creation is the need for a “formal” education.’ It’s something often drummed into us by our parents… ” You need to get a good education and then a good job to secure your...
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The Great Challenge of Life

The Great Challenge of Life

Today’s blog is a little different – it’s not about property – it’s about you! I would like to share the words of the late, great Jim Rohn. He said: Here’s the great challenge of life – You can have...
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financial mistakes

6 financial mistakes young people make

When we are young, we do all sorts of silly things.  We don’t think too far in advance, are susceptible to pressure from friends and like to push boundaries. In most cases, this is all pretty harmless stuff, and it’s...
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New Baby Savings Jar

Baby on the way – To invest or not to invest

So you’re ready to start a family, or you have a baby on the way already, but you’re also thinking about your future financial security. First of all, congratulations! What an exciting time in your life, but it can be...
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