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What can investors do to reduce their interest rates?

Have you checked the interest rate on your property loans lately? Many investors are doing just that and finding that their rates are much higher than the last time they bothered to look. You see, today’s lending environment involves vast...
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4 big lies about property investing: Are you being fooled?

The lion’s share of your property’s value is in the land, therefore you should always buy houses rather than apartments. Have you heard that one before? It’s an oldie but a goodie, and harks back to those days when everyone...
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What Kind of Sydney Property Should You be Looking For?

Sydney – it sure has been in the property headlines plenty. That’s not surprising when you consider its property prices have surged over the past five years. In fact, Sydney house values have increased an eye-watering 75 per cent since 2012,...
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Sorry, newbies, but it takes money to get into property investing

I’ve said it before: it’s always been difficult to buy your first property. No matter whether it was the 1960s, 1990s or now, scrimping and saving for that deposit takes discipline and dedication. Now I admit that with property prices...
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What’s the difference between borrowing capacity and affordability?

Many novice investors make a simple mistake when they first start out. And that’s because they don’t understand the difference between their borrowing capacity and their affordability. So I’d like to clear up this issue to help investors manage their...
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section 32 mistakes

These common section 32 mistakes can cost you dearly

When selling a home or an investment property, there are a number of expenses that you have to pay, such as marketing costs and commission. So with a number of costs that you have no choice but to pay, why...
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Understanding the QLD contract exchange process

Queensland real estate is on the radar of home owners, first home buyers and investors alike, due to its relative affordability compared to Sydney and Melbourne. In fact, interstate migration is on the rise in Queensland, as more southerners consider...
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Is housing really that unaffordable?

The price of property in our two major capital cities has everyone talking about something called “housing affordability”. But before I weigh into this debate, it’s important we understand the difference between housing affordability and affordable housing. According to experts,...
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Are you too nervous to buy your next property?

While many Australians would love to get their hands on an investment property, a large proportion also admit they’re not brave enough to take the plunge in the current economic climate. A Galaxy Research survey of 1,005 people nationwide, conducted...
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Interes only lending 2

Interest only lending – the good, the bad and the ugly (Part Two)

It doesn’t seem that long ago that borrowers held the upper hand. Lenders were scrambling over each other to get their business. Times for borrowers were good, with competition aplenty in the banking marketplace. Alas, times have changed – but...
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