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renovating for profit

Renovating your property for profit

If an alien landed in Australia, it might think that we’re a nation of renovators. Not only do we have a plethora of TV shows about renovating for profit, but there is an army of amateurs who spend their weekends becoming...
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What you need to know about rentvesting

The “A-word” is in the headlines a lot lately isn’t it? When we say that, of course, we mean affordability. Would-be homeowners in Sydney and Melbourne are finding it increasingly difficult to get a foothold in the market. The great...
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Have APRA lending restrictions made it harder to get a home loan?

It’s no big secret that more and more Australians are exploring how real estate finance and investments can improve their financial situation. Developing an investment strategy which involves buying quality investment properties is one way that they can create wealth...
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Our guide to lowering the deposit on your first home

One of the most common questions first home buyers ask is, “Can you buy a house with no deposit?” The thing is the answer to that question is not simple because the answer is “yes” but kind of “no” as...
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12 Brisbane suburbs the banks don’t like

Another bank has black listed a range of Brisbane suburbs where they have tightened their lending criteria for apartment buyers.  Recently Citi advised brokers of 12 suburbs in Queensland where borrowers would face tougher hurdles to get a mortgage, and have...
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First Home Buyers Grant

Changes to QLD’s first home buyers grant: could you own your new home sooner?

First home owners grants have been around in most States and Territories for nearly two decades now, and are one of many other financial incentives put forward over the years to help first-time home buyers. The original First Home Owners...
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Conveyance of real property

What “time is of the essence” really means in property conveyancing

Buying or selling property involves the use of a number of professionals who you may not be overly familiar with. Sure, most people have had dealings with a sales agent or a property manager, but not many first-time homeowners or...
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Knowing when your finances are OK [Audio Interview]

How long will it take to settle your next property deal? How much will you be able to borrow when settlement day arrives? And what happens if you don’t get your finance approved in advance? Andrew Mirams’ conversation with Kevin...
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section 32 mistakes

These common section 32 mistakes can cost you dearly

When selling a home or an investment property, there are a number of expenses that you have to pay, such as marketing costs and commission. So with a number of costs that you have no choice but to pay, why...
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Queensland Contract 1

Understanding the QLD contract exchange process

Queensland real estate is on the radar of home owners, first home buyers and investors alike, due to its relative affordability compared to Sydney and Melbourne. In fact, interstate migration is on the rise in Queensland, as more southerners consider...
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