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Get the best price – How to negotiate when buying a house

Once you’ve identified a property that suits your purposes as either a home or an investment, the hardest part can be negotiating successfully to buy it. The thing is negotiation is a skill that needs to be learned and buyers...
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Consumer confidence is another reason our property markets are going to slow down

Australians are becoming a little less confident about their financial futures. This has not been helped by all the talk about housing affordability (or lack thereof),  the media’s negative talk about the Melbourne and Sydney property markets and all the...
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House and Land packages for first home buyers

The allure of a new home remains as attractive today as it did for our parents and grandparents. That’s because buying or building a brand new home means that you have access to the latest house designs as well as...
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Lower interest rates reducing mortgage stress

Despite some concern regarding the future of the property market – mortgage holders appear to be breathing a little easier. New results from Roy Morgan’s mortgage stress data show that in the three months to April 2017, 16.8% or 666,000 mortgage holders can...
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A guide to guarantors for first home buyers

Parents have helped their children buy homes for generations.first-home-buyers-ad Back then, it was often via a cash gift that their child – often newly married – could use as a deposit. Today, many parents are equally interested in helping their...
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Market changes, interest only lending and how to benefit from softer conditions

Recent data from CoreLogic appears to show that the property markets in Sydney and Melbourne are on the slide. But do a few rounds of data constitute a property “slide”? Or are the markets just taking a well-earned break? According...
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Saving Money To Graduation Day

As the focus shifts to living expenses, do you really know what it costs you to live?

Sadly, in Australia, our financial literacy is very low. Even sadder, this isn’t taught to our kids in schools and so generation after generation we seem to keep slipping into bad habits. And those habits are learned from our teachers...
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Due diligence before buying & investing in property

Investing in the property should be part of an investment strategy to create and increase the value of an asset portfolio. Every investment strategy requires care, planning, and diligence. Diligence does not mean one relies on feelings when buying property...
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3 ways to pay off your home loan sooner

At some stage in our lives most of us will experience the various highs and lows that go hand in hand with home ownership. Undeniably today the biggest pressure associated with realising the dream of having a place to call...
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A first homebuyer’s guide to loans

Buying your first home is a rite of passage for most young Australians. Having a place to call our own is a key part of our psyche so it’s little surprise that first homebuyers are prepared to put in the...
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