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Our guide to lowering the deposit on your first home

One of the most common questions first home buyers ask is, “Can you buy a house with no deposit?” The thing is the answer to that question is not simple because the answer is “yes” but kind of “no” as...
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property investment loan in Sydney’s changing market

VIDEO: Securing a property investment loan in Sydney’s changing market

Investor lending has changed quite dramatically over the past 18 months.Why has the lending environment changed so much for Sydney investors since then? The reason why that has taken place was that the government regulator, APRA, was worried about the...
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What can investors do to reduce their interest rates?

Have you checked the interest rate on your property loans lately? Many investors are doing just that and finding that their rates are much higher than the last time they bothered to look. You see, today’s lending environment involves vast...
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What Kind of Sydney Property Should You be Looking For?

Sydney – it sure has been in the property headlines plenty. That’s not surprising when you consider its property prices have surged over the past five years. In fact, Sydney house values have increased an eye-watering 75 per cent since 2012,...
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Sole traders tax

5 tax tips for sole traders this financial year

Technological advances over recent decades have changed many elements of the world we live in. From the advent of social media to smart phones, our lives are very different to what they were a relatively short time ago. Technology has...
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First Home Buyers Grant

Changes to QLD’s first home buyers grant: could you own your new home sooner?

First home owners grants have been around in most States and Territories for nearly two decades now, and are one of many other financial incentives put forward over the years to help first-time home buyers. The original First Home Owners...
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Conveyance of real property

What “time is of the essence” really means in property conveyancing

Buying or selling property involves the use of a number of professionals who you may not be overly familiar with. Sure, most people have had dealings with a sales agent or a property manager, but not many first-time homeowners or...
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Knowing when your finances are OK [Audio Interview]

How long will it take to settle your next property deal? How much will you be able to borrow when settlement day arrives? And what happens if you don’t get your finance approved in advance? Andrew Mirams’ conversation with Kevin...
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section 32 mistakes

These common section 32 mistakes can cost you dearly

When selling a home or an investment property, there are a number of expenses that you have to pay, such as marketing costs and commission. So with a number of costs that you have no choice but to pay, why...
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Is housing really that unaffordable?

The price of property in our two major capital cities has everyone talking about something called “housing affordability”. But before I weigh into this debate, it’s important we understand the difference between housing affordability and affordable housing. According to experts,...
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