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First Time Investors

Michael & Sally

First Time Investors

A couple in their late 50′s are concerned that, as they near retirement, their superannuation may not be sufficient to enable them to maintain their lifestyle without selling their house (which only has a small amount left outstanding on the mortgage) and living in an unfamiliar suburb.

Their combined income means that they can afford a small increase in their monthly expenses without significant lifestyle changes – where possible, any additional cash generated has been used to pay down their mortgage or has been deposited into a  low interest cash account.

Our proposal

Whilst their combined earning capacity is still strong, we proposed to use the equity established in their home to increase their borrowings on that property to a  manageable LVR of 65%*  (and write a new loan at more favourable rates at the same time) and use the equity unlocked by that to purchase 1 or 2 quality properties (again at reduced LVR’s)  which should generate capital growth over the medium term whilst providing  rental income which should cover most of the increased funding requirements of the new debt.

*by keeping their LVR’s lower, they should be able to hold and maintain the properties well into their retirement

Andrew Mirams

Andrew Mirams

Andrew Mirams is the Managing Director of Intuitive Finance and is a highly qualified mortgage advisor who holds dual diplomas in Financial Planning (Financial Services) and Banking and Finance (Mortgage Broking). Andrew’s expertise covers all aspects of lending for a diverse range of applications – from first home buyers loans or property upgrader loans, property investor loans, expatriates and loans for self employed.With over 27 years of experience, Andrew has been acknowledged by the mortgage industry as one of its best performers with multiple awards including regularly featuring in both the top 100 mortgage brokers list and Top 50 Elite business writers. He was voted Victoria's favourite Mortgage Broker at the 2015 Investors Choice Awards and Intuitive Finance won the 2016 “Best Independent Office (<5 brokers)” and “Best customer Service” at the recent 2016 Better Business Awards. Visit Intuitive Finance for more information.
Andrew Mirams