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  • Optimise your property options thanks to the connections we’ve made over 30+ years
  • Work with you to assess your current financial position and goals to develop a proposal
  • Provide expert flexible advice whether you’re self-employed, an investor, a first home buyer or an upgrader

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    Why Choose Intuitive Finance?

    • Organised professionals with ongoing support and updates
    • Experienced across a range of clients, from first home buyers to sophisticated investors
    • Flexible approach depending on your requirements and preferences
    • Thorough methods ensure you are always put first
    • Access to over 30+ lenders

    What Happens When You Work With Us?



    Initial consultation (via the phone, Skype or face to face) where our mortgage broker will establish your motivations and requirements



    Information gathering to confirm your financial status


    Review & Proposal

    Clear and detailed review of your financial position with a suggested investment or buying proposal for you to consider including an assessment of the most suitable deals available


    Agree & Implement

    Complete the necessary application paperwork including follow-up negotiations with lenders and adjustments if necessary



    Finalise approval(s), arrange formal paperwork to be signed



    Coordination of the settlement process

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